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Choosing the great emperor

2019/02/26 17:18
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On June 10, 1992, just after dawn, my wife woke me up: "Husband, it must be a good day to go out today. Get up and eat quickly. I've got my luggage ready for you..." After breakfast, I took a long-distance bus to Chengdu near the highway. After several hours of turbulence, I finally arrived at Chengdu, the historical and cultural city I yearned for.

After arriving in Chengdu, I immediately got on the city's No. 3 tram. Half an hour later, I arrived at No. 90 Shangdong Street (formerly Mr. Li's home). After lunch, Liu Xiaohong (Mr. Li's classmate) said, "Xiao Zhang, I'll take you to the factory by bicycle now." I followed her closely, keeping an eye on the route and daring not look around, because this is the first time that I have ever ridden a bicycle in a busy downtown area. He rode his bicycle crookedly through several streets and alleys. When he came to the small bungalow door on the back of Ma'anshan Martyrs'Tomb, Liu Xiaohong stopped and said, "This is our factory building, which is where you go to work."

I stopped and looked up. I was shocked. I thought, Is this the factory I was introduced to? I can't believe it is true. It's quite different from the factory I've seen. It was a brick-and-wood glass tile house with an unobstructed drainage ditch in front of it, which emitted a nauseous odor from time to time in the hot summer sun. In addition to the dilapidated glass tile houses everywhere around, there is no tree that can shelter the hot sun, even weeds are rare.

When I unloaded my baggage from my bicycle and approached the factory building, the production workshop and living space totaled less than 20 square meters. The workshop is also divided into three rooms. A large wooden board is placed under the window on the left side of the entrance door, and a three-extraction table is placed on the right side. Then inside, the room on the left is the raw material warehouse, and the room on the right is the machine room. There is a rust-stained [type 50] and dough machine inside. This was originally a workshop for bread production.

At that time, the main means of production were as follows: the equipment was type 50 and dough machine, hook scale, plastic basin, rice spoon, spade, bamboo screen and broom; there were less than 10 kinds of raw materials, and the stock of each kind was very small, up to 50 kilograms of carrier; kitchen and dormitory were combined into one, next to the workshop, a shed was built under the eaves of the neighbor's warehouse (ceramics management department), with about 5 flat roofs. Square meters.

That night, the stench of the day's hot sun had not faded, swarms of mosquitoes came to provoke me in search of life and death, as well as the noisy noise nearby. I lay alone in a strange bed, enduring, sleepless all night. In the long night, I think a lot: I left home to earn money and support my family, shoulder the heavy responsibility of the family, my wife's loan was not repaid when she was sick in hospital, her body is not yet healed, but also need rehabilitation treatment fees; an 8-year-old child is in primary school, the next semester's tuition fees are not yet settled...

I wonder how long it will take for such a factory to fulfill my wishes. I don't know how many times I rolled over in bed after the dead of night, and when I fell asleep, I dreamed of my wife's husky voice and asked me, "Husband, how's your journey today?" At this time, I was awakened by the roar of street vendors and the knock of broken copper and iron next door...

That night, I had dinner and was reading a Reader magazine. Tingling footsteps accompanied by the night wind were getting closer and closer. A young couple in plain clothes, carrying cooking utensils and daily necessities, came up to me and said, "Xiao Zhang, hello! Have you had dinner yet? Let's visit you and bring you some daily necessities by the way." I immediately looked up and saw that they were no one else, but now President Yu and General Manager Li.

I was thinking, "Xiao Zhang, how old are your parents, how old are your children, how old are they, how good are they?" I was preparing to answer Yu's words, and then Li asked, "My mother-in-law (my mother-in-law) is in good health now. Has your lover recovered from his illness?" When I heard these questions, I just used "feeling". The word "Ji" is difficult to express my feelings at that time, so I said, "Thank you for your concern, my wife's condition is much better, the family are all well."

Yu asked, "Are you still used to the life and environment here? Would you like to continue working?" This really put me in question. When they saw that I was too late to open my mouth, Li said, "Xiao Zhang, you can rest assured that the current situation is temporary, as long as you are determined to do well here, you believe we will not do you any harm." At that time, I did not have any better words, just said, "Okay, thank you for your trust!" They left and gave me 20 yuan, told me to buy a stove, burning honeycomb coal to cook, so it is more convenient.

One Sunday morning, Boss Li asked me to go to her house to do something. Unexpectedly, I found out that there was a small room outside their house. There were many large and small samples in it. Some were bottled in glass, and some were wrapped in plastic bags. With several days of exposure to fragrances in the factory, I developed an interest in and curiosity about odors. I unkindly opened the bottles and bags and smelled them. I found that the aroma of some samples was the same as that produced in the factory.

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