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2019/02/26 17:19
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It is said that memory is inversely proportional to age. But when we collectively write "memoirs", we find that older people tend to write the most. Seeing their tens of thousands of words of memoirs, I really have to admire their memory. Of course, it is superficial just to say that memory reflects. It should be more a kind of experience and precipitation.

Think about the ten years since I came to the Great Emperor. Maybe there is no brilliant achievement left on the book of merit for the 20th anniversary of the Great Emperor, but there is still a trace left.

It was in the last century that we got married to the Great Emperor. At that time, like Wang Feng's song "In Spring", I did not have a credit card, nor did I have her, nor did I have the 24-hour hot home. Riding a dilapidated bicycle, I came to the company to apply for a job. My host is now Director Wan. I interviewed first Xian Zong, then Li Zong. The process is not complicated, the next day I became a member of the "Great Emperor", and this "Cheng" is 13 years in a twinkling of an eye.

Many departments have stayed in these years, ranging from quality control to technology, to market, to planning, to sales, to quality control. Around a circle, back to the starting point. When I first came here, I majored in organic chemistry, so I started quality control. Most of the raw materials we come into contact with are organic compounds. I still have a fairly professional foundation for routine index tests of raw materials. Testing for a long time, familiar with the raw materials, so to the technical department, began to familiarize with products, of course, in those few years, the company has few people, the two departments have not clearly defined. After that, the product became familiar with, and went to the marketing department to do marketing promotion, compiling some product information. After that, the Planning Department was set up and began to advertise, package, make websites, make newspapers, make newspaper columns and make brochures. It is at this time that we really began to leave a "mark" in the history of "the Great Emperor". Fortunately, I have designed the founding number of the "Voice of the Earth" newspaper, the first edition website of "Dadi" company, the packaging of the gold medal product "Dadi Xiang 312", the creation of "Dadi Man" newspaper column, and various other magazine advertisements. Afterwards, I felt I needed to exercise and applied to the market on my own initiative, so I came to the East China market. The market is also a dull, not long, three years. In these three years, there have been thousands of miles and countless people. It is estimated that these two points are joined together with the "veneer" of reading ten thousand volumes of books in the first 20 years of my life. After being enriched, he returned to the company with a new look and to the quality control department. With their own efforts, so that the quality control department has changed a lot, has become a bright spot in the company's external display. At the same time, we also have the opportunity to stand on the platform and stage in the company's 20th anniversary lectures and evening activities to show our talents.

Think about this process, ostensibly the process of constantly looking for position, is not actually the process of a young man's growth? Of course, in this process, the young man also grew up to be a young man's father.

Memories, or memories. That year, shortly after arriving at the company, the Emperor was still under ten years old. There are "professionals" in the industry to conclude that feed flavor agent is the product of the primary stage of feed industry development. With the development of China's feed industry, the industry has entered the "sunset stage". Hearing this, I really felt like I was in the wrong profession, and at the same time I secretly congratulated myself that I was not a woman. Because the "change of profession" is not "remarry", it shouldn't be too bad to change it several times.

However, after more than a decade of ups and downs, the company is now more troubled not by the end of the feed fragrance industry, but by how to make the snowflake-like orders one "cash". Of course, I have not been laid off, nor have I "changed my profession", just to change a few posts.

Over the past ten years, I have seen that the company's annual sales have exceeded 150 million tons, ranging from 500 tons to 5000 tons. The Great Emperor never stopped walking.

On the way forward, some people came and others went. But whether it comes or goes, it will leave a trace of "imprint". Deep or shallow, long or short, they really exist. It is precisely these that have written the historical chapter of "the Great Emperor".

Of course, tomorrow has a long way to go, and the past has become history. I just hope that one day, when we are all old, we can depend on each other in spring. So, let's fight! Sprinkle our youth and sweat, so that the next twentieth anniversary of the "Great Emperor" will be more brilliant.