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Enter the Great Emperor and take root in the earth

2019/02/26 17:19
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My Great Margin

Speaking of me and the Emperor's boss, Yu chairman, is a fellow countryman, but also a little bit related. After graduating from Luzhou Medical College in 1983, I was assigned to teach in my home secondary health school. In those years, as long as I went to Chengdu, I always went to Dadi Company, No. 36 in Ma'anshan. By chance, I introduced my cousin Gan Qiuyan to the Emperor. Through Gan Qiuyan, Yu Dong and Li always knew Ding Hong and Yang Hongying. Later, both of them joined the Emperor one after another. They had to admire their wisdom in employing people. Whenever we get together, the boss always wants to persuade me to come to the company. At that time, I had my own clothing store besides teaching, and I didn't want to give up my career. In 1997, I had to shut down because of my daughter. I couldn't withstand the invitation of my boss three or five times. On December 1, 1998, when I was over, I resigned as a teacher and came to the Emperor with dreams and hopes.

In 1998, the Emperor was still small in size, with fewer than 30 people. A simple organizational structure consisted of sales, production, quality inspection, procurement and finance departments. Some departments were also one person. The work arranged for me by my boss is to sell the internal service, which busily receives and processes orders every day, manages sales accounts, contracts, payment, receives complaints from customers and so on. The work is complicated. At that time, the monthly salary was several hundred yuan, much lower than that of my 15-year-old middle-level lecturer. Such a large gap once made me anxious and worried, and for the first time I felt the shortage of life. And the pressure of survival. There is no turning back arrow, no way out. What I can do is to adjust my mind, be down-to-earth, and do everything conscientiously. I am quick, efficient and responsible. In order to get familiar with my work as soon as possible, I should seize the spare time and remember the products, models and prices commonly used by customers and the telephone numbers of customers. I should be able to tell who the other party is at the first time when I receive the phone calls from customers. In order to answer customers'questions, we have to learn the basic knowledge of fragrances and feed in the evening, understand the situation of the industry, and gradually become an expert.

Challenges and Promotion

In the emperor, bosses value not the profession and experience of employees, but the potential, learning ability and enterprising spirit of employees. Because of outstanding performance, the work is planned, organized and principled. In October 1999, when the company set up its administrative department, I was transferred by my boss to the administrative department as a person in charge. At that time, I was alone in the administrative department, but facing the new job, I did not know how to study because of lack of management knowledge and management experience. In 2000, the company funded me to attend the MBA senior management seminar of Sichuan University School of Management for one year and study for two days every weekend, although with me. My daughter, who is less than three years old, works and studies hard, but for me, this is the beginning of a valuable career experience. Through the application of learning, the authority and responsibility of departments are clearly defined, the job descriptions are drafted, and the top-down responsibility and power relationship is established, so as to ensure the smooth administration. In September 2000, the company promoted me to deputy manager of the administrative department. On the basis of defining the responsibilities of various departments, I drafted various administrative systems of the company and gradually established a supervision mechanism. Because it can help the boss deal with some difficult things, and can stand in the perspective of the boss or the company to think and solve problems, thus gaining the appreciation and trust of the boss. In January 2001, I served as assistant general manager. Besides concurrently serving as manager of administrative department, I was also in charge of the management of technical department and quality control department. It was the boss who gave me the opportunity to develop and train, and gave me the right. It is precisely because I am an assistant to the general manager and have contacted the work of various departments of the company, which has laid a solid foundation for me to do HR in the future.

In the first two years, the company's sales performance was affected by the market of feed industry on the one hand, and on the other hand, by the restriction of management level, it fell into a low ebb. The annual sales volume was less than 1000 tons. In order to fully mobilize the subjective initiative of salesmen, effectively motivate, manage and control the salesmen, so that the company's sales performance had a greater breakthrough, in September 2001, after I returned from Beijing to study, It took the lead in implementing goal management and process management in sales department, and then implemented performance evaluation in administrative personnel. After nearly ten years of exploration, it established the unique performance management system of the emperor.

Carry out HR

With the growth of the company's business volume and the demand of enterprise development, the number of existing personnel and management ability have not kept up with the needs of enterprise management and enterprise development, which has hindered the development of enterprises by the time when human resources which could barely match the original enterprises. In January 2002, the company set up the Personnel Department. I was also the manager of the Personnel Department. I had no subordinates. I left home halfway. I could only learn and work while learning. On the basis of establishing the existing personnel files, I gradually sorted out the process of employee entry, transfer and correction, handled employee insurance, and implemented daily personnel management such as labor relations management. With the development of the company, my knowledge and ability can no longer meet the needs of the work. From March to May 2004, I successfully passed the national unified examination and got the qualification certificate of the second-level national human resources management teacher. From July to December 2005, after half a year's psychological study, we successfully obtained the qualification certificate of the national second-level psychological consultant. This makes me more skillful in my work. It was just in those years that the company developed rapidly and needed to introduce a large number of excellent employees. On the one hand, with good HR tools and methods, new talents were recruited and selected.

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