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The Power of Culture (Part Two)

2019/02/26 17:20
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Health is 1, everything is zero. Health is possible. We advocate working and living in a healthy enterprise with healthy body and healthy psychology. Driven by this concept of health, the company has been conducting annual physical examinations for all employees since 2004. We also carry out a variety of daily activities, pay attention to physical health, but also pay attention to the mental health of employees, and hold various forms of theme seminars from time to time. In a word, we are practicing the ideas we advocate with practical actions.

In addition, we need a healthy first-class environment. In recent years, the company is committed to the construction and transformation of hardware facilities, office, production environment and conditions greatly improved, but also pay attention to the humanistic environment and quality development efforts. With the advancement of 6S management, the overall quality of employees has been significantly improved. We advocate looking at problems from a positive perspective, developing the spirit of solidarity and cooperation, and not advocating individual heroism, because it brings collective wisdom and vitality.

If the enterprise is compared to a big ship that rides the wind and breaks the waves, then safety is the sail, and is the foundation of the healthy development of the enterprise. Therefore, the company establishes and improves the safety management system, and has passed the three levels of enterprise safety standards. To make clear:

Safety Policy: Safety first, prevention first, full participation, continuous improvement.

Security objectives:

1. Eliminate the occurrence of major safety accidents, and achieve "five major accidents are zero" for serious injuries, industrial casualties, major fires, major traffic and major equipment accidents, and control the injury rate of 100 people within 2%.

2. Level 3 safety education rate is 100%.

3. Rectification rate of potential safety hazards is 100%.

4. Occupational hazard accidents are zero

Two festivals are recorded in the history of DDC:

March 12: DDC's Birthday

November 11: DDC Security Day.

And the company put personal safety in the first place, once again reflects the concept of people-oriented first. The company has been operating steadily to maintain sustained and healthy development.

From the report of the 17th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, environmental resources are listed as the primary problem for the first time, environmental protection is highlighted for the first time in a large space, and ecological civilization is included in the report for the first time. Environmental protection is not only related to the normal production of enterprises and the personal safety of employees, but also to the survival and development of enterprises and the stability of social order. Therefore, Emperor attaches great importance to environmental protection, and successively invests human, material and financial resources in environmental protection construction, which is the conscience and responsibility of enterprises.

To be an enterprise, first of all, we should be honest people, "people do not believe but do not stand", the company should be honest in its external operation, and honest in its internal staff, because 360 degrees are all our customers.

Honesty is the foundation of life and enterprise development. Whatever stage the company develops, honesty is the heirloom of DDC, the virtue of the emperor and the spirit that can never be discarded.

Today, with the rapid development of economy, only through continuous innovation can we face the complex and changeable market demand and keep pace with the development of the times. Therefore, the company attaches great importance to the enthusiasm and creativity of employees. It can be said that in our daily work, innovation is everywhere. This innovative culture constantly promotes enterprise management innovation, marketing mode innovation and technological innovation. Especially in technological innovation.

In the future, we will continue to promote cultural construction:

Speed: With the rapid development of information and network, speed has become an important tool for enterprises to win the upper hand in competition. Whoever seizes the first chance will get more and more opportunities. Therefore, it is urgent to cultivate an enterprise culture that attaches importance to speed and improves efficiency.

Learning: In today's society, knowledge is updating and growing at an explosive speed. Only by cultivating the overall learning ability, from "I want to learn" to "I want to learn", can enterprises win initiative in competition and sustain development.

Image: A good corporate image will inevitably produce a good reputation and social reputation in the coming year. It can enhance cohesion at home and optimize the external environment. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the education of image culture, establish the brand of Emperor, and create a century-old foundation.

DDC's corporate culture is the essence of DDC's 20-year development culture. It originated from DDC and is bound to innovate and develop in the process of inheritance. It has become a huge driving force for the development of the earth and pushes the company towards greater and stronger. (Wen/Chen Hongyu)