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To Youth You and Me

2019/02/26 17:20
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Although you don't know where I come from and where I'm going to travel, even though you don't know and walk into my story, I still want to thank you and me for meeting each other in the years of youth. The following words are just left for you and me who are unknown...

Two months does not occupy too much of the breadth of life, but what I get from it is breadth and depth. Learn the skills of work from trivial things, even these will become their own capital; learn how to love themselves and cherish themselves in life; destine some people on the journey of life to catch your train and stop at your post station, sometimes you will ask yourself to do that right? Even if very sad, even grieving in the street crying like a child... So I began to realize that it was my principle. I would not regret what I had done, but regret what I had not done! ___________ Change will inevitably occur. I hope each other will develop and advance towards a better self.

It's a great pleasure to meet and know you in your youth, to know your history, and to look back at the road you have traveled. Use your growth to analogize a company's model, the operation of a company and reflect on your original view of entrepreneurship. Behind you stands the melting pot of the founder and society. Under the balance of this force, the relationship between enterprises and society, individuals and society is also inseparable. Perhaps once their own vision is limited to a certain place, their hearts sometimes have inexplicable stubbornness. But we are well aware that we live in our youth, accept new things, reflect on our own principles, and realize our own feelings and reasons for moving forward in our interaction with society.

I can't say that I really know and know you. I only know that you have a vision to succeed and to prove that you have come to the world. I know you like this: you pay attention to the after-sales and service of products, and use your own products and technology to become the reason to conquer customers; you use words and art to visit various provinces and cities in China to let the Chinese know your existence; you expand your breadth through quality testing and product research and development. Science and technology promote the expansion and development of an enterprise. At the same time, I will also have three questions to think about: first, whether we should know the types and uses of products that farmers and buyers need for the right market of products; secondly, facing the competition between foreign-funded enterprises and local enterprises, if we want to get a bigger piece from the big cake, whether our competitive advantages and characteristics should be more unique; finally, how to make the name of DDC brand more unique? Words truly become well-known, representing Chengdu, representing China to go farther... I think these problems are faced by local enterprises.

Here I sincerely hope that you and I can become more like ourselves on the way of youth growth. Stepping steadily, carrying a beating heart belonging to China to the distant; embodying your and my values, realizing their own positioning, and finding their own place in the trend of the development of the times; giving back our creators and the people who light the road ahead for us; and finally doing a good job of themselves "out of the mud without dyeing, clear and clear without demons".

Youthful I write down immature words to express immature views, in order to depict you and me at this time, the crudest unpolished stone. At this time, in the journey around Erhai Lake, the window is full of yellow, green, yellow and green grass sea, youth and vitality of the color. This is the journey I envisioned, with unknowns, challenges and casual encounters. Recognize yourself on such a road... Thank you for meeting me like this. Thank you for coming and going through my life.

Friends, I am not in a hurry for you in the future. Please take this journey called Youth and live youthfully and truly. My friend, please treasure it! Please remember my appearances, my thanks and my words. (Wen/Jiang Xinhong)