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Safety in action

2019/02/26 17:20
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A few days ago, I saw an article titled "Responsibilities of General Managers of Enterprises Requiring Desperation" in "China Safety Production Network". I took photos of the post responsibilities of a general manager of an enterprise in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. After a rough look, there were about 600 words dense, rich in content, planned, targeted and demanded, but with careful taste, the general manager was the main person in charge of the enterprise and one of the enterprises. As a safety administrator, I have no intention to criticize the safety management work of this company. I just want to think about the safety management work of the company I work for now. I am very glad that it is in violation of the relevant provisions of the Safety Production Law. I'll tell you from my personal experience that the principal person in charge of our company is responsible for two or three things.

Three revisions of the responsibility document for safety objectives to clarify the responsibility for safety production

At the end of December 2013, the company passed the three-level certification of safety production standardization, set safety production goals, and formulated safety target responsibility letter. In early 2014, when reporting to the General Manager for approval, the General Manager pointed out that the content of the Responsibility Letter was too general and not detailed, and that it was not practical for employees to get such a target responsibility letter, which was not easy to operate, and required us to revise it again. It has undergone three revisions, clarifying the respective safety responsibilities from the general manager to the employees, and finally being submitted to the safety production Committee of the company for examination and approval by General Li, forming the general manager's signature to the deputy general manager, the deputy branch, the Department to the employees, signing step by step, implementing the safety responsibilities at all levels, ensuring that every employee of the company participates in the safety management workers. Do.

Ensuring safe production input and ensuring safety and health

Since its establishment in 1992, the company has been engaged in the production and sale of feed condiments. It has been 23 years since then, and there has never been any safety accident. This is due to the company's investment in safety production and the attention paid by the general manager of the company to safety work. At the end of each year, the deputy chief financial officer of the company is required to stipulate the safety investment plan for the following year in accordance with the safety law, and the finance department is required to withdraw the safety expenses in full and make special funds. In 2014 alone, the company spent about 1.6 million dollars on safety investment. Equipped with air-conditioning and explosion-proof fans, added air supply system, improved product technology, improved working environment of employees; purchased industrial injury insurance for employees; free occupational health check-up for employees, establishment of occupational health surveillance files; free provision of labor protection supplies; provided benefits such as mung bean soup, soybean milk, yogurt for employees in summer, issued high temperature subsidies, and provided noon for employees. Resting chairs and places; hiring experts from foreign enterprises, schools and fire departments to conduct safety training for employees; fire equipment use drills.

Safety education and training: landing and Application

The new Safety Law adds a new item to the responsibilities of the principal person in charge: to organize the formulation and implementation of the safety production education and training plan of the unit. In fact, before the implementation of this law, the company requires all departments to formulate safety training plan. The department leaders should contribute wisdom, train subordinates and department employees, and conduct monthly training, analysis, summary and improvement. Absorbing accident education from other enterprises to strengthen the safety supervision and management of the company, the training of production staff must be landed and practical. In order to increase the authority and strength of safety training, the company also employs former DSM SHE manager, professor of Xihua University and safety trainer of fire department to train its employees. The statistics of training time organized by the safety and environmental protection department alone reached 32 hours, which far exceeded the national requirement for retraining school hours every year. The production department also carries out production skills competition, safety reminders and case analysis training and education in the morning. After the safety training mentioned above, the employees learned how to operate correctly, how to know the company's safety exit, escape passage, emergency evacuation gathering point, how to extinguish the initial fire, how to evacuate in emergency, self-rescue and other safety knowledge, which greatly increased the probability of employees escaping self-rescue in the event of an accident.

Focus on safety supervision and methods of safety management

I remember that Mr. Li said at the security meeting that the safety management work should be carried out in practice, the key points should be identified, the safety management work should not talk about objective reasons, but should talk about solutions. It is such a sentence that clears the obstacles for company safety management and points out the direction for our safety management work. She also pointed out that the company's safety focus is on the production site. Safety personnel should monitor the production site, find problems and stop them in time. They should analyze and report at the early meeting. They should alert everyone. Safety inspection should focus on checking the operation, site environment, safety passage, fire fighting facilities, safety facilities, machinery and equipment, electrical wiring, inspection and maintenance, temporary electricity use, and so on. For dangerous operations at high altitudes, the time for safety administrators to go to the site for supervision has been changed from 2H to 4H. (Wen/DDC Yuan Zehong)