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Yang Zuoyang: 11 Years of Adherence to Responsibility

2019/02/26 17:21
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In the workshop, he is a very skilled manufacturer.

At home, he is a responsible husband and pillar.

In the eyes of the child, he is a strict but happy father.

He was an ordinary worker in Emperor Hank's workshop, Yang Zuoyang.

11 hours of workshop work experience, so that he is familiar with the workshop's various production processes, packing, handling and so on, he has done like a cloud.

Eleven years in the same job, the test is not physical strength, but inner endurance. At first, Yang Zuoyang was not used to the taste of the workshop and wanted to change his job, but then a little thing changed his view: at a meeting, he and his boss, General Manager Li Xiaobing, were in a bad mood. After the meeting, the boss called him personally and said with concern, "Do your best and don't think about anything else." The approachability and warmth of the boss deeply touched him. It is this phone call that strengthens Yang Zuoyang's heart and makes him concentrate on his work and make positive progress. It also makes him feel that his work has a heavy responsibility from then on.

Yang Zuoyang said that Emperor Hank had good leadership and good bosses. He was particularly touched. With the help of manager Li Yang of the company, his children enrolled in Wenjiang. Later, he bought a house in Wenjiang and settled down. Life is becoming happier and happier.

Now the child is 12 years old, and in the second grade of junior high school, he goes home every night, supervises his children's homework, cooks with his lover, and his family is happy and harmonious, which makes him feel very happy.

Yang Zuoyang said that he only has junior high school culture, and can not sum up how many distinct personalities and unforgettable stories from himself, but these years, the company's humanistic care, let him feel the warmth of his family.

Perhaps, in the eyes of some people, Yang Zuoyang is so ordinary, so ordinary, and his deeds are not surprising. In fact, every great cause is composed of countless ordinary people and ordinary things. It is precisely because of his 11 years of perseverance and efforts that this ordinary post and ordinary production workers become extraordinary.

This kind of extraordinary is that whenever he has no motivation, he always remembers the words of his boss: persevere, persevere, persevere.

This extraordinary thing is that whenever he is willing to accept the status quo, he always remembers his promise to his wife: to give her a happy life.

This kind of extraordinary is that whenever he sees a child, he always thinks of the dream of sending the child to college, because he has little study and has not gone to college, he must let the child realize his dream.

This kind of extraordinary is that he has been deeply in his heart, and insists on working hard to assume the responsibility of the work and family! ___________