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Yu Yunzhao: Be careful in your life and work

2019/02/26 17:22
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In warehousing, warehousing management, out of warehouse, in less than 20 meters of straight distance, he tosses and turns a hundred times a day.

His surroundings are full of packaging, raw materials, daily work, three points and one line.

In other people's eyes, his work is very ordinary, but in his eyes, there is no difference in work, only good or bad.

In simple words, it reveals his meticulous love for his work.

He was Yu Yunzhao, the warehouse keeper of Emperor Hank's Supply Department.

Yu Yunzhao, an ordinary warehouse administrator of Emperor Hank Company, joined the company in 2009.

Shortly after joining, we encountered a large warehouse relocation. Yu Yun-lei and his colleagues, shoulder-to-shoulder and shoulder-to-shoulder carrying, hauling and carrying, worked until 8 p.m., relocating more than 100 tons of raw materials.

This time when recording Yu Yunzhao, I found that his right hand had a thick scar, which was caused by the crush of a locomotive while he was working in Guangzhou. He said that this is a pain in memory, but do not care too much, life is still going on, just be optimistic.

Nevertheless, Yu Yunzhao is still handy and flexible. When he is busy, he can stick more than 3000 stickers in four hours.

Last year, the company's packaging modification, non-adhesive, cartons have changed. In order to achieve the goal of "100% accuracy in warehousing and out of warehousing", he subdirectory management, careful, to ensure that more than 80 newly modified packaging accurately supply production.

Packing warehouse management seems to be an extremely ordinary position, but Yu Yun-ni said that although we are not marketing personnel, but we are a member of the company's marketing team, if we wrongly packaged, sticker, printing wrong, it will affect production, further affect the company's product sales. Careful and error-free work is the most basic principle I adhere to.

Yu Yunzhao, 31, who lives near the company with his lover, said that when he comes home every day, he can forget all his worries as soon as he sees his daughter.

The faint electric light on the wall illuminated the ordinary family. Yu Yunzhao said that he often missed his father, who was sick and weak in his hometown in Chongqing. He also often remembered his father's teaching: Be careful when you are a man and do things.

Yu Yunzhao told me that in the supply department team, his colleagues are so serious and not sloppy.

Isn't this just the extraordinary in the ordinary? Big in heart, small in eye, small in hand. It is not easy to do every simple thing well, and it is extraordinary to do every ordinary thing well. With subtleties, see the spirit of the Great Emperor.