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Wu Hongfu: Toughness

2019/02/26 17:22
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From Chengdu, Sichuan, to Changchun, Jilin, and from southwest to northeast, this is a space-time journey spanning 3000 kilometers.

He also remembered the scene of his first trip to Northeast China. It seldom snowed in Sichuan, and he could not feel the cold in Northeast China.

He remembered that he had just got off the train and immediately went to buy a pair of thick cotton shoes. He was walking faltering in the snow.

He still remembers this business, which lasted for eight years, nearly 3,000 days and nights.

He is Wu Hongfu of the marketing department of Emperor Hank.

In August 2006, Wu Hongfu joined Emperor Hank and took charge of the Northeast market. At the beginning of his work, the first thing he had to do was to adapt to the environment.

Northeast people, bold, enthusiastic like fire, drink a lot of alcohol, drinking will be drunk. Wu Hongfu can't remember how many times he got drunk. Once, he and a competitor's salesman visited the owner's house of a feed enterprise. The owner invited them to drink. During the meal, they were drunk. The only difference is that Wu Hongfu still insists on going to the yard to spit when he is unconscious, while the other one throws up directly in bed. An ordinary liquor bar, with different ending, Wu Hongfu, naturally became the luckiest one.

Southerners go to the Northeast and winter is the hardest. One day in the winter of 2007, the temperature dropped to minus 20 degrees. The cold wind was snowflakes, like a knife on the face, like cutting meat. Wu Hongfu went to Harbin to visit a local customer. He put on a double hat and wrapped it tightly. Customer's location is not open to traffic, he has to find the local fire three rounds. When he arrived at the customer's place, the other party saw his snowflakes all over his body and his feet were soaked by the snow. He rushed to introduce the office fire for heating. Wu Hongfu's sincerity finally touched the other party and placed the order immediately. When he left the customer, he remembered that he hadn't left the tricycle driver's telephone. In the snow and wind, he walked for forty minutes and arrived at the bus platform.

At the end of 2010, because of the needs of the Northeast market, Wu Hongfu moved to Shenyang with his wife and daughter, far away from his elderly parents and his hometown, to settle down and devote himself to the development of his career.

In contrast to the past, today's black land in the northeast, the emperor fragrant.

In the face of all this, Wu Hongfu still has a peaceful mind. He always says that he is a real man and works happily. Outside the words, it reveals the honesty of Chongqing people and the forthrightness of Northeast people. Maybe life is really a quiet journey, occasionally accompanied by a bit of cold wind, after the winter, it is warm spring.