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2019/02/26 17:22
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According to the research, the life expectancy of human beings is 71.5 years up to 2013. It has experienced 71.5 spring and summer with warm flower fragrance, gentle breeze and beautiful fragrance, autumn with sweet gum orchid and fruits, and winter with snowy north and southern fragrance and plum blossom independent branches. In these 26097.5 days and nights of life, clothing, food, shelter, transportation and work have become the five major elements of human life. They are more or less related to the word "fragrance". Although sometimes "fragrance" is so abstract and unpredictable, it can only be understood that BMW, beautiful women, fragrant stores, fragrant cases, national flavor, stinky tofu, stinky cheese, delicious food, sleeping fragrance and tasty fragrance are incomprehensible, but they are so desirable, but they do exist. Much can be seen, touched and enjoyed, such as rice, cantaloupes, onions, mushrooms, bananas, oranges, bananas, pigs, dried shampoos, champagne and sausages, etc. are displayed in front of us, accompanied by three meals a day of human life. In addition, there are also world famous tourist attractions with "fragrance". The prosperity of Champs Elysees Street, the red leaves of Xiangshan, Shangri-La's paradise on earth, the beach of Honolulu and the enthusiasm of Honolulu make people dream and dream.

Opening up a modern Chinese dictionary or searching in Baidu, the explanation of fragrance has eight basic meanings, including 46 words with "fragrance" and 85 idioms with "fragrance", which depicts the good life that mankind has been striving for.

When you sleep well and wake up with a clear mind, you will happily and clearly say that you slept soundly last night, and your spirit will be refreshed; when you eat a delicious meal, your appetite will increase greatly, it is difficult to put the tableware, and you do not want to leave the table, then you will be happy and yearning to shout that the meal is really delicious, your body will be great, and you will continue your actual life and enjoy a good life!

When your career is successful, respected and welcomed there, others will say to you with envy, you really enjoy it! This is bound to inspire the fighting spirit, go up to a higher level, but also remind the envy, strive to be the first, to achieve success, to harvest respect! __________

When you see the luxury cars passing by, you can't help sighing --- fragrant BMW; when the beautiful young and fashionable women's styles float by, though their eyes are still in their shadow, three words come out of your mind. All of this, only with their own wisdom and hard work, access to capital, comparable to fashion!

The earth revolves round and round, the biological clock ticks and turns, and human life works day by day around clothing, food, shelter and transportation.

In the morning, birds talk in front of their ears, open their eyes, bathe, finish the fragrant breakfast, spray some favorite perfume, put on sachets, drive a fragrant car, gallop in the Boulevard of fragrant flowers and trees, and come to their own work place. Some people stand in the fields full of fragrant flowers and sweet fruits, sweating and ploughing; some people will enter the fragrant room and Fu Xiang to write books in order to complete Qu Yan. Ban Xiang's masterpiece is hard work; some people...

When the sun shines overhead or the night falls, the stomach and intestines murmur and make the body tired, the only goal at this time is the dining room or the kitchen at home; near the dining room or kitchen, the smell of "fragrance" from the cooking of meals and dishes rushes to the nose. At this moment, saliva overflow in the mouth, gastrointestinal peristalsis intensifies, and you can't wait to stretch out your nose and breathe the fragrance of a meal, which drives you to step up your pace and enter the meal. Hall, to the aroma of delicious food rush, can not help but pick up the tableware, open mouth to eat, chew and swallow, enjoy the delicious food brought by the sense of satiety and pleasure!

Fantasy, pleasure, fashion and enjoyment, fragrance! (Wen/DDC Zeng Fankun)