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Wang Renjie: Three Persons and Three Sentences to Change My Marketing Destiny

2019/02/26 17:23
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This article is Wang Renjie (Graduate Master of Sichuan Agricultural University), Marketing Department of Chengdu Dadi Hanke Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Based on personal marketing growth experience, summarized the marketing perception, the following is the full text:

On August 1, 2013, the Army Day, I became a member of the DDC marketing iron army. After passing the internal training examination, I was lucky to be left for trial. At that time, the company stipulated that the probation period was 3 months, and the assessment task could be completed before being hired.

My first DDC marketing stop is Fujian. I came to Fuzhou under the pressure of turning around, which also opened up my marketing path...

Manager Li Jianpeng of DDC Fujian Office:

"Telephone reservation needs positive energy"

—— The first appointment failed.

I clearly remember that day as August 20. The warm reception of manager Li Jianpeng of DDC Fujian office made me forget the hot and humid weather and this strange city.

Starting from the next day, we drove together to visit feed factories in Fuzhou, Nanping, Putian, Xiamen, Zhangzhou and Longyan. During the trip, everyone in the feed factory was very enthusiastic about manager Li, which made me see his excellent interpersonal skills.

When we got to Xiamen, we were going to visit a company. Manager Li asked me to make an appointment with key people. I thought it would be very simple. I picked up the phone and said, "Hello, manager, I'm Wang Renjie of Chengdu Hank Biotechnology Co., Ltd. I want to visit you. I don't know if you are free?" "Hello, I'm on a business trip now. Next time..."

The first appointment to a key person ended in failure.

—— Reservations require positive energy and detail

Then, Manager Li pointed out to me how to make a successful appointment. He said that when we make an appointment, we must let each other feel positive and enthusiastic through the phone. Everyone likes to interact with people full of positive energy. In addition, in terms of the content of the appointment, there must be a perfect content of the appointment. He said that although this time the customer is busy, but can ask when the next appropriate time. We asked the customer may not give you a reply, but if you do not ask the customer will certainly not give you a reply. His words convinced me. Since then, I have organized the language beforehand, and then I call the customer with a smile and confidence. The effect of the reservation is really much better. Some customers even apologize for being unable to accept the visit because of something. It can be said that Manager Li is my first teacher in additive sales. He taught me that we must start from the details and treat our customers as our friends.

DDC Regional Manager Nie Haitao:

"Be sure to bring value to customers"

—— The Secret of Doubling Market Sales

In 2014, I was transferred to Guangdong because of staff adjustment. Nie Haitao, the district manager, led me to familiarize myself with the market. The greatest feeling of coming to Guangdong is that the enterprises in Guangdong are very pragmatic. They care about what value your products can bring to him, whether they can keep costs unchanged and improve quality, or whether they can keep quality unchanged and reduce costs, or what value-added services they can provide.

Nie always shares his secret of success. He said that when he first took over the Guangdong market, sales were only tens of millions of dollars, and by the end of 2013, the performance had risen rapidly. At that time, I was curious what marketing tips he had to turn over the sales volume of Guangdong market. Nie is always modest, saying that the market in recent years is good, coupled with the efforts of many people in the company. From Mr. Nie, I learned that marketing must be planned and persevered when it was well planned. When he first came to the market, he first ran through the market, had a preliminary understanding of the market, then locked in the target customers, and conducted a second screening, and then continued to work, after many screening target customers, were done one by one, the volume slowly.

—— Value Marketing he insists on

I didn't know that he had experienced many setbacks in the process, but he persisted and made good achievements. While running with Nie Zong, I found another trait of Nie Zong: insisting on value marketing. Every time he visits customers, he always brings valuable things to customers, such as corn substitution schemes and industry information when corn is scarce; he also collects customers'needs or problems, which he can solve on the spot. If he can not solve on the spot, he will turn to books, consult people who can solve the problem, and help customers implement the problem. His way of value marketing is well recognized by customers. After several visits, all the customers say thank you to us and invite us to dinner. Nie always said that value sharing is mutual. Visiting customers not only brings valuable things to customers, but also learns valuable things from customers. I think that everyone will face difficulties, just depending on how you do it and whether you can persist in doing it. Nie always faces difficulties, tries to find ways to persist in doing it, and keeps a learning heart to do things better.

Liu Shuncai, General Manager of Money

"Discover your strengths and gradually improve"

—— Meet a teacher who is willing to share

Among colleagues and leaders, there are my teachers and clients. The general manager of Qian (Zhanjiang) Co., Ltd. Liu Shuncai is the teacher I respect very much. Liu Zongben is a technical background, and later engaged in marketing and management work. He has rich experience and is willing to share it with my younger generation, who has just graduated, to help them grow up.

I remember visiting Mr. Liu once. After talking about his work, I talked with Mr. Liu about the current situation of his work. Since I had just arrived in Guangdong, I came up with some achievements almost every morning.