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Speaking of heart! A New Year Monologue by Vice-President of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Marketing

2019/02/26 17:24
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Monkey heart

Thank you for moving hope

Another spring, when this time, will naturally look back on the past year or even years together and those who accompany, for the passion of burning life is very exciting, for the experience of sour greatly praised, for the tide ebb and flow of change and strain, very much want to say a few emotional, digging words, say to encourage people along the way.

At this time I want to say:

Thank you _____________

Thank you so much this year.

Thank you for this great era, so that we can have a business opportunity to pay a harvest;

We appreciate that our industry can remain stable in the economic slowdown of 2015, and we still have the possibility of providing value services with 83 million 280 thousand tons of pig capacity.

Thank you for the support and help of every customer friend who has completed or not.

Thank you for the correct deployment of the company's major policies and principles, and successfully achieve another victory in the sustained growth of "two guarantees, two additions and two innovations, grasping the group, specializing in difficulties";

Thank you for your devotion and warm companionship. I am extremely proud of the record-breaking record of Guangdong. I am very surprised by the dramatic growth of Yunnan. Hunan is strong and steady in my heart. Fujian laughs at Aojiang Lake with great stamina. The rise and fall of Guizhou tides make me nervous and excited.

Thank everyone in the behind-the-scenes department for their silent devotion to respectable colleagues and lovely family members. There are so many things to be thanked that it is difficult to list them one by one. Thank you all.

The author led the EMBA project team of young leaders of China Agricultural University to study in the company__

Special thanks: Professor Fu Wenge, Professor Hong Ruling, Professor Mao Lihong and Professor Zhu Jie of the EMBA Project Group of the Youth Leader of China Agricultural University, all the professors of Agricultural University, and the outstanding elite classmates of 2013. The two-year study exchange will be completed smoothly in 2015 with excellent students.

Special thanks to Professor Fu Wenge's macro strategic management thinking for my ideological innovation in this unforgettable period of study, especially to Professors of Agricultural University who taught me to see the industry from the perspective of the industrial chain to make the operation position clearer;

Special thanks to Ms. Hong Ruling, Ms. Mao Lihong and Ms. Zhu Jie for their care.

Special thanks to the private class committees during the break and the influence of the students'speech and behavior.

The knowledge in the classroom is gradually internalized into power in my work, which is a very solid impetus for me to move forward.

Author studied in Wen's pig farm_*

Thank you very much: all the leading friends of Guangdong Feed Industry Friendship Circle, you have led Guangdong Feed Production and Sales for many years, leading the whole country, mainly in management ideas, scale efficiency, technical operations and value services.

Special thanks to the customers and friends of feed enterprises, let me learn practical style in the process of visiting and exchanging.

Special thanks to Mr. Liu Shuncai for creating a feed and additives exchange platform and all the friends in the circle, so that I have the opportunity to absorb nutrition here, summarize work and share and improve;

Special thanks to Wen's Pig Training Camp for infusing my work into practical pig-raising technology, training me from upstream additives to downstream feeding chain service awareness.

At this time I want to say:


In the past year, I have been touched by many people and things around me, and touched by the silent support and selfless dedication of my family.

Moved by the 80-year-old father and mother's self-reliance and self-reliance, far-reaching farming in the old villages and villages to "everything is good" never reported the great love of joy and worry, let me rest assured of the white lie of work;

When I am on business all the year round, my neighbors use the way of telephone and micro-mail to persuade my father to love me like a mountain when the children have a high fever every day.

Marketing Team of Author's Company_

Move the family to send their children to school one by one, run to the hospital, delivery, cooking and housekeeping in a hurry; Move the selfless dedication and enterprising spirit of the team.

Move Renjie's loving learning to come true, and enhance his self-motivation to study for doctoral degree in Beijing.

It touched Deng Yifeng's resolute and clean work style, Yunnan Jingzhong's magical visiting skills and superhuman wisdom to help others succeed.

It touched Yao Banghai of Hunan Province to embrace the cross-border thinking of the speed and passion of Internet performance, and touched Li Jianpeng of Fujian Province's heroic brotherhood.

It touched Wang Yuan's courage to love his family rather than his career.

Moved by the strength of a hundred families, the knife immediately, the courage of four jacks and the perseverance of crouching to look at the sky.

I was really touched at this time of the year.

Special touched: Yulin chairman Xiaobing as the core of the company management team to improve system management.

He was particularly touched by Yu Lin's thought of opening a mountain and paving a road, and governing by doing nothing.

Particularly touched the veteran soldier diligently strive for truth-seeking and pragmatic professionalism;

Especially touched by Jianping's always brightening the brand with wisdom and heart language to light up her belief in life's immortality.

Professor Bao Qingbin was especially touched by his busy work and his pursuit of excellence in scientific research.

In particular, Dr. Lu Jirong was moved to fight in the battlefield, so that the product injected emotional and technological strength.

Particularly touched by the strict financial guidance and management standards of Hongyu General Actuarial Iron.

In particular, it touched Jiang Wei's calmness and calmness after he lost his glitz.

In the course of the company's 24-year development, the most unique and international management mode has been formed, which has nourished my growth.

The author and Wang Renjie (left) and Li Jingjing (middle) in the team on business trip___

Particularly touched: In the process of work of post-80s colleagues represented by Dr. Lei Yan, Dr. Yu Zhao and Dr. Wang Renjie, their ideas