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You may not know Xiaobing Li: High-heeled shoes walk the river and lake

2019/02/26 17:24
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Some people have summarized that the three main driving forces for promoting economic development and social progress in the 21st century are: web, climate and women. The influence of women as labor force and consumers keeps pace with the times. In the United States and China, women have accounted for about 50% of the labor market, and the proportion of women in top managers in politics and business is rising.

If we say that today's Chinese women are among the women in the world and are in a group of great changes, then, at the same time, they are also the group with the strongest conflict of ideas in their hearts. They are creating the happiest life, and at the same time, they are experiencing the most complex mental journey, which may be the growth of every woman, as well. The growth of the times.

Life is generally calm, there are always waves in mind, which is already the best state of life. However, the reality is, after all, that it is difficult to be a man, a woman, a business, and a woman as a business.

Wu Xiaobo, a financial writer, has a book called "Thirty Years of Excitation". This book mainly records the business leaders of different sizes in the development of Chinese enterprises since 1978, during the 30 years of reform and opening up. It records the passion and distress, excitement and uneasiness of the Chinese Enterprise Elite in the process of transforming from the planned system to the commercial society. He wrote in his inscription: "When this era comes, it is not right. All things grow wantonly, dust and dawn rise, rivers converge into rivers, nameless hills rise into peaks, heaven and earth for a time, extremely magnificent.

Li always said that she often thought at 30,000 feet, and even had many questions that were answered during the flight. Perhaps, in her eyes, the glorious scenery is the metaphor of the fickle commercial society. So-called, infinite scenery in the dangerous peak, because she knows the difficulties of business, she hopes to become relaxed, as a female entrepreneur, she is particularly fond of beauty. For women, what does clothes mean, she said, when women wear beautiful clothes, it is to express their inner self, to live in their own world.

Every time she comes back from abroad, she must be full of boxes and suitcases filled with local clothes. She has a strong desire to show off her beautiful clothes. She will tirelessly try to show us one by one, a variety of styles, colors matching infinite. What's more, earrings, necklaces and bracelets must be matched one by one. According to the principle of probability, she can get numerous matching pleasures. Every time I see her try on clothes, I have the feeling of being laughed over. For example, a skirt needs to be matched with socks of different colors. How to choose socks? She always has a magic trick. What about one sock of different colors and the other one? Knot a big knot and hang it between your legs. It's really not addictive. The arms are also put on for color contrast.

Every business trip, take a lot of clothes, hats, shoes, scarves, glasses, a variety of patterns, we jokingly said that she wants eight big cars to travel, specially for clothes, or to prepare a mobile wardrobe, but also must take a mobile dressing room, more energetic, simply take swimming suits, hand dancing, foot dancing, happy to try to give me "eye washing".

High-heeled shoes and rivers and lakes are obviously two completely opposing systems. Rivers and lakes are dangerous and often have a sense of dilemma. Rivers and lakes also cause trouble to women's lives all the time and everywhere. For Li Xiaobing, high-heeled shoes are not as staggering as people imagine.

I often imagine that the soldier always walked into the back of the terminal with a box. It seems a little lonely, but this loneliness, I think, is neither lonely nor desolate, but there is a kind of inspiring passion and atmosphere. High-heeled shoes walk the rivers and lakes, there are also heroic exclusive to her.

Over the years, the company has been in a vigorous fashion, and has made outstanding achievements in various fields of research, marketing and management, thanks to her more mature, inclusive, open and steady mentality, more and more relaxed and leisurely business strategy.

In the past 20 years, under the leadership of Xiaobing General, in Shenyang, Zhengzhou, Foshan, Weifang, Jiuzhaigou, Beijing and Chengdu, one stop at a time, we used technology tour and Art Tour to spread the technology, culture and reputation of the Emperor from south to North and from east to west. This reminds me of a small allusion: during World War II, a reporter asked British Prime Minister Churchill, "Which is more important, Shakespeare or India?" Churchill answered, "Better lose 50 India than one Shakespeare." This distinguished politician knows that a country's influence on the world depends not on how much land it ows, how much GDP it has, but on what culture it has. A business, a person, why not?

During the technical tour and the literary tour, many moving stories happened, and many golden friendships were harvested, and the golden team spirit of the emperor was forged.