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Agreements? Partners? Landscapes - Remember a Journey

2019/02/26 17:25
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Recently, Yu Lin shared his article "Travel More, Travel Less" in a micro-letter. Travel is a process of experience and perception. Experience nature, feel life, not afraid to encounter rain, snow, wind, frost and difficulties, all as an experience of life, an experience. Ximurong said that the best way to travel in life is to find a long-lost feeling in a strange place. Travel is not from one point to another. Travel is a reward for me.

After stepping on the Hulunbuir grassland, a great tension came upon me...

Several agreements

I was born in Kangping County, Liaoning Province, a mountain depression is the Chifeng grassland, this is my earliest memory of grassland, even after decades, today I still think as before. My father once said to me that the Chifeng Grassland is the Hulun Buir Grassland, which is the best grassland in China.

At the age of 6, in response to the needs of the country's "three-line construction", our family moved to Sichuan. After graduation from high school, we met with "going to the mountains and the countryside". After the resumption of college entrance examination, we entered Sichuan Agricultural College. After graduation, we were allocated to the Sichuan Provincial Food Bureau. Under the spring breeze of reform and opening-up, we went into business in the sea. The Hulunbeir Grassland did not become a light smoke in the vast years

The last time I went to Inner Mongolia was in April 2005, when my business, Emperor Hank, built a new factory in the Science and Technology Industrial Development Park on both sides of the Straits. In order to learn the building experience of excellent enterprises in China, Zhao Jianping and I went to visit the factories of Mengniu and Yili in Hohhot. The trip was very tense. After visiting the two factories, we rushed back. The company put into production workshop construction. It's a pity to brush past Hulunbeier Grassland.

Shenzhen Bilimei Yingwei, chairman of the board of directors, is one round older than me. He is the first generation of pig breeders in New China and 100 pig scientists in New China. His work takes up most of his time, but his heart has also been fluttering with the fragrance of Hulunbuir grassland. When he came to Chengdu on business in July, Li always said that we were all chickens born in the early morning and were "bitter chickens". The fate of daily foraging also needed occasional light clouds and breeze. We had an agreement to meet the grasslands.

In August, Mr. Li first visited Sichuan and came to the company on a special trip. From the aspects of experimental base planning, sow estrus regulation and feed intake regulation of lactating sows, he gave us a lot of useful guidance on the expanding animal experimental base of the company. After leaving Emperor Hank, he continued to visit Sichuan, and then went to Shandong to continue to investigate the local pig industry. During his stay in Sichuan, I was in Guangdong. After leaving Guangdong, I went to Henan and Shandong again. In this way, after several appointments in Jinan, we jointly started our trip to Hulunbeir.

Several partners

"I have looked at you from afar / I have approached you in dreamland / I have prayed for you silently / I have deeply sought for you..."

In the course of many years of business operation, I always travel with friends on business trips or travels. I can share and communicate with partners on the journey. It is not only physically and mentally pleasant, but also easy to open my heart and enhance friendship. I have learned a lot of knowledge in this kind of companionship time and time again, and also grew rapidly in the companionship.

Zhao Bingyi, general manager of Sichuan Feed in Henan Province, and Huang Shumei, teacher of Beijing Union University Normal College, have long been my confidant. The driver is two PE teachers of Huang Shumei College. Bingyi and I have known each other for many years. We fly from Zhengzhou to Beijing and from Beijing to Hailar to join us. She was quick-witted, gentle and elegant. She wrote a long handwritten letter to Zhao Jianping, who was going to study in the United States on the plane, which made me feel more moved than sighed. I met Shumei on the flight from Beijing to Vancouver on July 12, 2009. She was born in Ulanhot, Inner Mongolia, and later went to the Department of Vocal Music and Opera of UBC University for further study. I went to enjoy her presentation concert in the United States. At the concert, she sings an Ordos folk song "Black Satin Shoulder", which has impressed me so far.

It was 18:00 on August 15 when we arrived in Hulunbuir. It was early autumn, but the heat was still there. Out of the airport, company salesmen Zhou Changjun and Wu Hongfu have been standing at the entrance of the lobby waiting for more than two hours.

That night, we camped in Hulunbuir and ate the local hand-picked mutton. The local people said that the mutton on the grassland was fatter and tenderer. After dinner, we watched the Aoluguaya stage play, which showcased the life of the grassland herdsmen splendidly.

Back at the hotel, the melody of "I have an agreement with the grassland" sounded again in my ears. I hummed softly, hummed and fell asleep.

Several landscapes

At 9 a.m. on August 16, a group of nine people set out from the hotel to the Chenqi Grassland. The full name of Chen Qi is Chen Baer Tiger Banner, which is one of the four banners in Hulunbeir Grassland Pastoral Area. From Hailar to Chen Qi, only a few kilometers away, on the way to the grassland, Huang Shumei sang "Hulun Buir Grassland". Wonderful songs were flying on the grassland. There was no theatre, but there was a remote quiet, and it was wonderful to listen to this song.

August is the best time for grassland tourism in Hulunbuir. Unfortunately, the grasses we passed in the morning did not grow very well. Some of them turned yellow. We went to the herdsmen's home for lunch and tasted authentic grassland hand-picked mutton. Herdsmen tell us that this season benefits from the abundance of water and grass, mutton is the most delicious. Hand-grilled mutton is a classic of Mongolian people