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Li Xiaobing: A Common Breakfast

2019/02/26 17:26
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Li Xiaobing, this famous name in China's feed industry, who is she? What on earth is she like? What little-known aspect does she have? I will start with a normal breakfast and tell my friends the story of Xiaobing Li you may not know through my own experience.

July 11, 2012, is the first day of the company's semiannual summary meeting. I made an appointment with Mr. Li to work overtime to prepare the next day's summary report. Overtime to 11 o'clock, the work was successfully completed. Our home is in the city, 50 kilometers, an hour's drive, and thinking of getting up early to catch up with the company tomorrow, she suggested that we live together with her sister's house, which is not far from the company. Her sister's home is always stocked with her daily necessities, and I occasionally live here because I work too late.

As usual, we first "lie down and talk" and then fall asleep.

At six o'clock in the morning, I felt her wake up tiptoeing in my sleep, for fear of disturbing me, she got up very slightly, not to mention turning on the light.

At seven o'clock, the alarm clock rings. Get up. Today's breakfast is ready on the table. A cup of milk, a fried egg, a piece of fruit, a small dish of pickles, a bowl of miscellaneous cereals porridge, a plate of agaric fried bamboo shoots are still curling hot. Walking into the kitchen, Li was still turning over the yellow cake that had been basically baked. She knew I was coming in and said to me without looking back: You like the original cake, but today's baked cake is pure and original, and nothing is added. Say, continue to use the shovel vigorously turned over the big cake, emitting an attractive fragrance.

Before breakfast, she handed me a glass of boiled water. "Drink this first!" Every time she eats with her, she always says in a slightly reproachful tone that I like to use beautiful utensils to pack food, and also like to eat good food, but good food is not necessarily good.

We have breakfast in the midst of talking and laughing, which is comfortable, nutritious, healthy and delicious.

Breakfast like this is common in my life. As long as she takes my car to work in the company, she will bring me breakfast, boiled eggs, corn, potatoes, porridge, fried vegetables, steamed bread. Her breakfast is always so rich. Because of the abundance, she needs to tirelessly move their pots and pans to my car, even deliberately fill a bowl of very full porridge, see my first side, let me enthusiastically drink a big mouthful first, she will squint at those small eyes full of wisdom, laughing. Sometimes I can't laugh or cry because if I don't take a big sip of porridge first, I will spill it on my body when I'm driving.

Life, when you have too much, often do not know how to cherish. When she goes abroad or travels on business, I miss the breakfast that I like so much.

When I pass many bus platforms, I often look at them. Have they had breakfast this morning? I am not so happy that I have to tell them what a wonderful breakfast I have enjoyed. This breakfast is a loving care.

We all know how important breakfast is. We often say, "The time of the day is in the morning." We often say, "Have a good breakfast." But I know, in the workplace, how many unaided difficulties, bus, subway, always so crowded, everyone actually wants to be very elegant or gentleman on the bus, and then give up seats to the group who need to give up their seats without publicity. But when you don't get on that bus or subway, you have to be punished for being late. Every minute of the morning becomes so important. How many people walk into the office with an empty stomach? How many people fill their hungry stomachs at best? A loving breakfast, where have you been now? It's long gone. This is a time when love has become quantifiable. Everyone is pushed forward by the tide of the times. However, most of them are passive. When did you make a breakfast for your lover?

If I tell you, my boss, Xiaobing Li, a successful woman, a businesswoman who is 20 years older than me, she always prepares a breakfast for me with warmth and love. At least, I think I have enough conditions to be moved and proud. (Wen/Zhao Jianping)