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Happiness, in fact, is very simple?

2019/02/26 17:26
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Happiness, in fact, is very simple ___________

Wen/Jiang Yan

What is happiness? This question has been haunting my mind. When I came home this Spring Festival, when I saw my parents chattering about how to cook a dish, when my family was staggering over the New Year's Eve dinner, when I was short with my parents, I immediately had a better understanding of happiness. So, while my happiness was strong, I quickly sorted out my thoughts and wrote down the following words to commemorate it.

What is happiness? It is a feeling that exists in everyone's heart.

Listen to a beautiful music, sing a favorite song; prepare a big dinner, and chat with family. Or do not want anything, put down the busy work, go to nature to see trees, listen to birds. Or make a cup of tea, or a homemade hot drink, open your favorite magazine, read American, and feel relaxed and happy between the lines. Happiness is so simple.

Enjoy the surprise of nature, take a breath of the fresh morning air, forget the noise; get together with good friends, call them, chatter; relax, surf the internet, play ball, sing karaoke, take a walk. Happiness is so simple.

Ordinary attitude, calm treatment, face full of sweetness, give yourself a smile every day; Sometimes nothing to dress up, Sometimes nothing to tidy up clothes; Clean up the dust inside the house, sing a song, and go outing with friends. Happiness is so simple.

Give yourself a relaxed mood, maintain a healthy and positive attitude towards life, do not complain about everything, do not seek comfort, work hard, give yourself motivation, maintain the ideal of life, cherish time, and be grateful. Happiness is so simple.

Happiness is not to complain, to strive hard. Happiness is doing what you want to do and want to do. Happiness is mother's nagging on the phone and father's silent support. Happiness is getting up early in the morning and smelling the fragrance of flowers. Happiness is listening to a classic old song. Happiness is sunshine. Happiness is a greeting from a friend. Happiness is so simple.

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