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Experience of "Production Workers"

2019/02/26 17:27
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The first contact with production workers was in the spring of 1995.

My birthplace, Deyang, Sichuan Province, is a well-known heavy industrial city in the whole country. Industry is the city, and city is the industry.

In the central city of 1995, there were two heavy industries in Deyang, China Dual and East Electric. That year, my uncle was officially promoted to the position of double workshop director, which was a great achievement at that time. A team had a workshop director, who was responsible for dozens of production workers. I remember that every time my uncle came to my house, the card green overalls were embroidered with the words "China Dual". At that time, I asked him why he always wore this overalls and refused to take them off. My uncle laughed and did not answer. Later, after I went to school, I realized that this is not an ordinary work clothes, it represents identity, power and status. At that time, there was a classmate in the class. He was always the monitor of the class. For no other reason, his father worked in Dongfang Electric Company.

My father once told me that if I had poor academic performance, after graduation from high school, I would let my cousin "arrange" into double, with "iron rice bowl", better than anything. This is the glory and glory of industrial workers in the 1990s.

Twenty years have passed in a twinkling of an eye. "Uncle" has already been laid off "gloriously" and opened a tea shop in his hometown. And I also went to Dadi Hank Company to become an ordinary "industrial worker". Compared with the production line, DDC producers produce real products only because of different positions, while I "produce" brand value and service.

This is the third time that I have entered the production workshop. Green work clothes, wearing "Little Red Riding Hood" printed with DDC, wearing dust mask, another DDC production worker came to report.

This "support" production work is very simple - sticking stickers, carton sealing. My partner is Deng Hong of the Quality Control Department, who is mainly responsible for the testing of sweetener products and is a Senior Testing Engineer certified by Agilent. In the morning, the first thing is to stick the glue and squat on the ground. Some of the legs are numb and unconscious. Stand up and rest for a minute before continuing. The sealing of cartons is a technical work. First, fold the back of cartons together, press flat and then seal them with tape from left to right. Because the sealing tape is printed with the trademark pattern of DDC - the word DDC and a cute piglet with thumbs on it, special attention should be paid to the complete trademark pattern at both ends. Brand communication is everywhere. Packaging, even a small piece of sealant, is the stage for DDC brand display.

Towards 12 noon, the cartons behind me were piled up and buried in it. The production worker Duan especially helped me clean the cartons behind me and made an aisle for me to enter and exit. "The last ten cartons are not sealed, brothers go to dinner first." I sealed the cartons while facing the production workers who kept greeting me behind me.

For the group of DDC production workers, they have more contact with them because of the video script of "the most beautiful emperor". The first time I contacted them was because "This is the 20th Anniversary Celebration Collection of Chengdu Emperor - DDC" needs to include workers. I interviewed three outstanding representatives of the production workers, and completed the article "Responsibility is the Soul of Products - DDC Production Team Records". In this video script, besides production, they also show the little stories in their lives. Behind every seemingly ordinary person, there is an extraordinary story. When these stories are presented to the world in a video way, a drop of tears can not explain all the touches, more importantly, their pursuit of the value of life, as well as their love for the future, the company and their families.

Every "support" production, there are different perceptions, from the first "surprise and excitement" to the present "strive to do better", accompanied by their own industry, love more and more deeply.

There is no hypothesis in life. If I had entered "China Dual", now maybe I am twisting a screw in my hand, or holding an eye shield in one hand, and the welding rod in the other hand is ringing. Stick one sticker after another, seal one carton after another, don't think, don't ask, go through this step, go to the next entrance. (DDC Zhou Bin)

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