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Analysis on the Effective Operation of Enterprise WeChat Public Platform——Taking the Emperor Hank as an Example (Part I)

2015年8月15日 00:00
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As an emerging self-media, since the launch of Tencent's public platform on August 18, 2012, hundreds of media have swarmed up to open up another important network communication battlefield after the official website and Weibo, followed by a large number of Influx of enterprises and individuals, as of December 2013, the WeChat public platform has nearly 2 million holders.

Compared with other industries, the feed industry enterprise WeChat public platform has a shorter application time, but in 2013, it also showed a blowout situation. According to the author's understanding, the top 50 feed enterprises basically open the WeChat public number subscription number. With the gradual improvement of the subscription number and service number function, in the future, the WeChat public platform will still have a lot to do in the field of corporate brand communication and customer service in the feed industry.

How to try to make the WeChat public platform into a brand that can create value from the media. I take the successful experience of the operation of the Hank WeChat public account as an example, and I hope to play a role in promoting the construction of the WeChat public number of the industry. Today we share the background of the WeChat platform and how to position the WeChat platform.

The most beautiful time: move at the right time

Before Tencent officially launched the WeChat public platform, the number of WeChat users has reached 300 million, which provides a solid customer base for the launch of WeChat public accounts. When the WeChat public platform was launched, Chinese paper media once again faced difficult challenges.

According to the data, in 2012, China's paper media was hit by new media, which led to a 27% reduction in printed sheets, and this reduction continued into the first half of 2013. According to Changrong Media’s “Analysis of China’s Economy and Advertising Market in the First Quarter of 2013”, newspaper advertising revenue decreased by 34.4%, and magazines decreased by 32.4%. As an animal husbandry and feed industry enterprise in the traditional industry, whether it is advertising or self-media communication, it is still basically based on traditional paper media.

The "paper media crisis" is caused by a series of internal and external reasons. It is not so much the impact of new media, but rather the lack of real and objective interaction between the paper media itself.

The emergence of the WeChat public platform just makes up for this. At the beginning of the development of WeChat public platform, Tencent positioned itself to provide a new interactive communication mode for users, media, enterprises, etc., and to create a new reading mode and experience through free platform. The same is true. It can not only publish information in real time, but also interact with customers through text, pictures, voice, etc., which not only solves the defects of the paper media itself, but also further improves the achievement rate and the accuracy of the customers.

In order to build a self-media platform and fill the shortcomings of brand communication, in August 2013, the WeChat public account of Chengdu Dahan Hanke Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was officially launched, becoming the first batch of WeChat public platform for the feed industry. In the past five months of operation, the function of WeChat public platform has been further improved. Data statistics, custom interface editing and other functions have been opened, and news that WeChat public platform will charge service fees is also reported. At present, although the WeChat public platform has to charge a 300 yuan certification fee, compared with the tens of thousands of paper media advertising fees, the price/performance ratio is still full.

The purpose of communication is to obtain customer recognition and market feedback, that is, to obtain the effectiveness of communication input. What is needed for communication is tangible results. If each mode of communication cannot improve the corporate image, brand influence, and obtain good market results, it will not really generate value. The true and objective interaction of the WeChat public platform is actually the recognition of customers and the feedback from the market in the value exchange. The result is three-dimensional and effective. This will be supported by the case below.

Today's communication is increasingly returning to the essence of business, namely products and services, which are the basic elements of communication. The emergence of the WeChat public platform is to use the limited resources of the company to meet the limited precision customers and create the greatest added value for the customers. The original intention of Chengdu Weichan Hanke Biological Co., Ltd. to operate the WeChat public platform is also here.

Platform positioning: focus on customer value

The so-called positioning, Jack Trout said that positioning is an in-depth analysis of this product and competitive products, based on the accurate judgment of the needs of consumers, to determine the product's distinctive advantages and related to the consumer The dynamic process of the unique position of the heart and communicating it to the target consumer.

The positioning of the WeChat public platform, by its very nature, should satisfy the value of customers and provide more value. Looking at the WeChat public platform of feed industry enterprises in the past year, many of them are not built around some or some kinds of problems to help solve customers, but the information publishing platform of enterprises. Can not meet the needs of customers, let alone create value for customers, but some edge messages or insulated messages that are not closely related to customers, customers can not interact with the company.

The positioning of the WeChat public number of Chengdu Dahan Hanke Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is the sharing of food consumption regulation and management of SMEs. It comes down to the point of specialization of SMEs.

This positioning is precisely the high degree of integration between corporate value and customer value. It is also the entry point for companies to find the best value for their customers within their limited capabilities. Feed companies are concerned with R&D, quality control, cost reduction, market performance, etc. The direction of value realization is from the inside out. The customer is different, and the customer has to consider the value of use. The positioning of the Hank WeChat public account reflects the thinking that we are not improving the customer's purchasing desire, but standing on the customer's stand, taking value creation outside the market, diluting the product, and letting the customer participate in the definition of value. And in the process of creation, let Hanke and the customer create value with each other.

The WeChat public platform needs to be cautious about customers and keep the operating model matched to the needs of customers. Many companies are blindly pursuing big and complete, and cannot be targeted. If the WeChat public platform can't focus on customers, it can only be overwhelmed and forgotten.

Therefore, for the WeChat public platform operators, the workplace needs to be transferred from the company's office to the customer's side. What the operators need to pay attention to is not what the company has done? But need to care about what the customer is doing? Thinking about? Changes in the concept of communication are constantly reminding us that to keep up with changes, we must know the choices of customers and the choice of values ​​to make quick adjustments. When the operator pays attention to the customer and can obtain rich information, the communication of the WeChat public platform will naturally be recognized by the customer. This can be supported by the case of the Emperor Hank WeChat public number 2013 Liman China Pig Raising Conference and the 11th World Livestock Congress (WCAP2013).

The 2013 Leman China Pig Conference, held in Xi'an on October 14th and 15th, 2013, is the world's largest and most influential pig industry event. It is an internationally recognized scientific solution for the complex challenges facing the pig industry. The grand event. The 11th World Livestock Congress was held in Beijing from October 15th to 20th, 2013. This conference is the world's top event in the livestock industry and is known as the “Oscar” of the world livestock industry. In order to do the WeChat communication of the two meetings, Emperor Hank carefully planned and sent a report team composed of three people. Each of them has a division of labor. One person is responsible for tracking the movements of the political, academic and business representatives of the conference. Technical meeting, another person tracking the exhibition during the meeting. The reporting team focused energy on target customers and formed a series of WeChat communications. The content of the report included: 2013 Lehman China Pig Conference Materials Highlights, 2013 Lehman China Pig Conference Highlights and New Hope Group Shen Shuibao The doctor shared and detailed the four "firsts" of the World Livestock Congress, recommended the six major points of the WCAP2013 October 16th meeting, Wang Xiaohong, "The adjustment and implementation of feed policies and regulations from food safety", and Yi Ganfeng "China's future pig industry Value chain promotion strategy and opportunity analysis, and the International Summit Forum on Mycotoxin Risk Management. These contents are the current hot spots and the focus of feed companies. After the topic was disseminated through the WeChat public platform, the communication effect was very good. According to statistics, during the Liman Pig Raising Conference and the World Livestock Congress, the growth rate of the Hank WeChat public account was 5 times that of the usual, and the reprinted share reached 3,000 times. Most of the special reports were also directly quoted by the industry media.

The above case of Emperor Hank also reflects the fact that in the face of the WeChat public platform, portals, industry media and leading feed companies do not necessarily outperform SMEs in terms of communication. The reason is that SMEs are dedicated to the customer's position and focus on finding breakthroughs. Traditional portals, industry media and leading feed companies have set too many goals because of too much information and opportunities. Can be embarrassing. In fact, reviewing the better WeChat public platforms that are currently operating outside the industry is due to their dedication and single-mindedness. For example, the stock price of 100 million Luo Ji thinking, focusing only on life sharing, Lao Ji reading is only concerned with reading valuable books. Of course, the leading companies are only concerned about the winners. The most famous representatives here are Cadillac and Route 66. The Cadillac WeChat public account is aimed at Route 66, effectively avoiding the situation where the information is not timely.

(The author is Zhou Bin, Planning Department of Chengdu Hanke Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Copyright, quote or reprint, please indicate the source)