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Analysis of the Effective Operation of the Enterprise WeChat Public Platform——Taking the Emperor Hank as an Example (Part II)

2015年9月16日 00:00
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Micro Innovation: Participate in customer interactions

What do new media, such as Weibo, QQ, WeChat, etc. have in common? Their common feature is that they are closely integrated with people's lives and become part of life. To achieve greater communication efficiency, WeChat public account must enter the work and life of customers and fully integrate with customers. In this way, companies can more accurately identify the needs of customers and have the ability to meet customer needs in the quickest way. In such a fusion, the WeChat public platform has greater value.

How does the WeChat public operator achieve seamless integration with customers? This requires full participation. When enterprises need to participate in the work and study of customers, the relationship between the company and the customers will gradually form a trust or even trust. The company can also fully understand the changes of customers and their trends. Customers can also guide companies to create value for them based on their own perspectives and needs.

Let's take a look at the spread of the Hank WeChat public platform "Roaming Pig Farm". "Roaming Pig Farm" is a series of pig farm learning stories launched by the Emperor Hank WeChat public on October 30-November 9. The protagonist of the story is Ms. Zhao Jianping, Assistant General Manager of Chengdu Emperor Hank Biotechnology Co., Ltd. She is also the operator of the Hank WeChat public account of the Emperor Han, and also sent the technical service department Yu Yu to participate.

On the surface, the farm is not the main customer of Emperor Hank. Although the main customer of Emperor Hank is a feed enterprise, the end user of the feed enterprise is an animal such as pig. What is the demand for feed products in the farm? Feed companies need to understand that Emperor Hank needs to know more. Because only knowing the needs of the farm, we will know how the feed company creates value for customers.

On October 28th, Ms. Zhao Jianping and Yu Wei of the Technical Service Department participated in the 14-day learning experience of the New Hope Group Jiangyouhai Boer Breeding Farm. During the learning process on the farm, the two found the occupational, cultural and technical needs of the farm and the farm staff from different angles. For example, the occupation of the farm workers needs to be valued and needs more cultural life. In terms of technology, it is necessary to improve the professional skills in pig farm disease prevention, farm facility upgrading, and sow management. In the 12th issue of "War Farm Roaming", the two recorded their own pig farm life from the perspective of literature and technology, explained their learning experience and experience in literary way and language, and reinterpreted pig raising with delicate brushwork. Groups, highly practical technical sharing has sparked heated discussions among readers.

After the launch of "Roaming Pig Farm", it has been highly praised and widely forwarded by the industry, and has become a hot topic of discussion in the Ai Animal Husbandry website. In December 2013, Ms. Zhao Jianping was selected as the “2013 Innovation Leader” by the pig industry website “Love Pig Network” with the “Innovation of the Contents of Self-Mediating and Innovative Agriculture and Animal Husbandry”. Zhao Jianping's selection reason for the love pig network is: Zhao Jianping released the diary of "Pig Farm Roaming" through the cooperation media and the official WeChat of his own company. In the diary, Zhao Jianping recorded the life and feelings in the farm with the narrative words. The technology and concept of raising pigs has been incorporated into the seemingly trivial texts and received good results. Zhao Jianping used the means of self-media to create a new context for communication with customers, which inevitably gave the Emperor Hank the added value of the brand. This indirect marketing is more satisfactory than direct marketing. .

As can be seen from this case, the value of the customer determines the value of the WeChat public platform. This requires the operator of the platform to stand on the customer's stand, use the customer's way of thinking, concentrate energy, and fully interact with the customer to create value together.

Seamless integration: transition to service

From the information publishing platform to the customer service platform, this is an important trend in the development of the WeChat public platform. Let customers decide what is valuable service. This is the first question that needs to be considered when the WeChat public platform is transformed. Transforming to a customer service platform requires a process that first finds the right market segment and uses all of the company's resources to meet the customer needs of this market segment. Successful execution of a service transformation requires four steps:

The first step: understand and clarify your customers. The WeChat public platform is a completely open platform, and it is unrealistic for companies to retain all their fans. Companies need to understand the value of each fan, and thus develop more and more segmentation capabilities: from general fans to demand-based fans, provide services to fans at each level.

How to find a more accurate customer? This needs to be achieved through the spread of the WeChat public platform (two-dimensional code). Emperor Hank has two more successful cases to share with you in this regard.

The first is the spread of the QR code on the scene. Emperor Hank made two on-site spreads in 2013: one was the “DDC2013 Mother Pig Nutrition and Palatability Technology Development and Product Seminar” held in Xi'an in September. The people who came to participate in this forum were the heads and technicians of the pig industry in Shaanxi Province. We carried out the “Small QR Code Gifts” campaign on the spot, and added nearly 50 accurate fans to the site. Another promotion of the two-dimensional code took place in the "2013 Academic Annual Meeting of the Animal Nutrition and Feed Science Branch of the Sichuan Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Society" held in November. At the registration meeting of the conference, the "Small QR Code Gifts" campaign was still held. The staff guided the scene and added nearly 300 new fans on the day of the event.

The second is through the interaction of Weibo and the online community. In addition to the WeChat public platform, Emperor Hank’s self-media also has a micro-blog and love animal husbandry website “flavoring and feeding regulation area”, and Weibo is directly connected to the special area. 2013 “DDC2013 Mother Pig Nutrition and Palatability Technology Development and Product Seminar” (Nanjing) and “DDC2013 Mother Pig Nutrition and Palatability Technology Development and Product Seminar” (Xi'an) were all broadcast live through the Animal Husbandry website. . In order to encourage netizens to actively participate in online live interaction and create a good learning atmosphere, the “DDC2013 Mother Pig Nutrition and Palatability Technology Development and Product Seminar” was specially planned to win the interactive activities of the building. In order to promote this event, we first conducted a live webcast on the WeChat public platform, highlighting the interactive activities in the notice. In the live broadcast process, the online customer service and the netizens fully interact, and the dissemination of the WeChat public platform is embedded in the live broadcast and interactive process. During the live broadcast and interaction process, we found that all users who actively participate in the interaction are accurate customers.

The second step is to make sure customers know you. By publishing WeChat content with a very high weight, companies can greatly enhance customer satisfaction.

Through the three aspects of the growth, reading volume and sharing reload of the Hank WeChat public account, the content of extremely high weight includes two categories: one is the information without commercial color, especially the policy interpretation, conference sharing, industry hotspot refinement. In addition to the WCAP communication case mentioned above, Emperor Hank also publishes weekly raw material news to meet the needs of raw material purchasers. The highlight of the Liman Pig Raising Conference is to satisfy the pig-raising group, and the Canadian breeding pigs are released to meet the breeding pigs. Enterprises, in the end of 2013, released South Korea and the United States to study and share in order to meet the needs of those who went abroad during the winter vacation and intend to study abroad. Second, the sharing of technology, the technology here refers to pure technology sharing, such as the Emperor Hanke WeChat public platform. Sharing of relevant scientific research results of well-known experts such as Professor Wu De and Professor Zhang Keying.

The third step is to know if you are doing well. WeChat public platform is not like products, customer satisfaction with the product is good, can be reflected in sales. For the customer, the free service can only be reflected by the customer's fan growth, number of responses, graphic reading and sharing reload. In the future, the company needs to establish a set of evaluation process around customer feedback.

The fourth step is continuous optimization and improvement. We believe that direct feedback from customers, whether good or bad, is the best source for continuous optimization and improvement of the WeChat public platform. Therefore, there must be content that guides customer feedback in the way of communication and content. For example, in the case of Cadillac's Route 66 mentioned above, Dirac launched the “Found Highway 66” activity, and its WeChat public account will send a set of the most beautiful travel pictures to the users every day to resonate.

After the comprehensive transformation of the WeChat public platform to the customer service platform, it is an inevitable trend to send more responses. This requires the company to have personalized and targeted services. Optimizing keywords is especially important at this time. Keyword settings in the custom editing function of WeChat public platform can achieve manual response, which is very beneficial to improve the customer service level in a limited time and collect continuous optimization and improvement suggestions.

At the end of 2013, the number of WeChat users has reached 600 million, and the WeChat platform has also erupted. The WeChat public platform will play an extremely important role in the process of continuously strengthening the media communication and enhancing value services. At present, most WeChat public platforms still use content distribution as the main operation mode. The innovation of WeChat public platform operation is also imperative. We still have great room for improvement and improvement in the operation of WeChat public platform. .

(The author is Zhou Bin, Planning Department of Chengdu Great Hank Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Copyright, quote or reprint, please indicate the source.)