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From the star show to the topic making, the inspiration of Huang Xiaoming's wedding to the spread of farming and animal husbandr

2015年10月9日 00:00
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Some time ago, my mobile phone WeChat circle of friends was constantly screened by Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy's wedding. From the announcement of the wedding period and the whole process of their wedding yesterday, Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy quickly climbed the Baidu network hot word search list, especially yesterday, it became the headline news online and offline. Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy wedding, as a successful, typical Internet communication case, deserves our agriculture and animal husbandry industry to learn.

Star show

Comparable to the "century wedding" of the award ceremony

Rather than Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy's wedding, it is better to say a star show.

Star show is the biggest point of this wedding, hundreds of Chinese and foreign first-line stars were invited to the wedding, enough to praise the award ceremony. So many stars naturally attract the attention of the media. According to netizens, the number of stars who flew to Shanghai to participate in the wedding after the National Day has more than 40 people. More netizens have exposed more than 100 star names in the "ah" wedding, which can be described as "contracting half of the entertainment circle."

The star of this invitation has two characteristics. One is the most popular popular stars, such as the new generation of popular stars represented by TFboys and EXO. The most popular entertainment show, "Where is Dad?", guests and other popular idols. Second, there are many heavyweight guests. Previously, in the release of the wedding information, Ma Yun was invited as the marriage witness of the wedding. Although Ma Yun failed to prove the marriage, the guest and the witnesses in the wedding process were considered heavyweight. The main wedding is the famous director Wu Yusen, and the witness is Wang Zhongjun, chairman of Huayi.

The wedding of Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy is comparable to the “century wedding” of the award ceremony. The star naturally becomes the core focus of the wedding. Compared with the wedding itself, people pay more attention to the movement of the star in the wedding process. Venus quoted comments on Weibo: Xiaoming gave the media a wedding.

hot topic

Manufacture "off the world"

This wedding, from front to back, whether to create hot topics, or to keep up with hot topics. In addition to the stars themselves, there are at least the following hot topics:

Wang Sicong. Wang Sicong itself is a very good topic. Wherever you go, it is a hot object.

Gossip. As the saying goes, no celebrity star is not a star. If you are in an object of being rumored, or if you have been in love with each other, you will be sparked when you meet in a wedding. For example, before Huang Zikai and Wang Sicong, there was a "dark battle", and Zhao Wei was also the earliest secret love object of Huang Xiaoming. The gossip among the guests was highly concerned by the media.

Flower ball. Who will take the flower ball thrown by the bride is also an important point of attention in a wedding. This wedding, received the flower ball is Lin Zhiling, Lin Zhiling's personal marriage has always been the media attention. When she received the flower ball, all kinds of blessings, all kinds of imagination, brushing the screen.

Qingdao prawns. Seven days in the National Day, Qingdao prawn is on fire. People have linked Qingdao to high prices and smugglers, and have spawned many popular network segments. According to Chinese customs, Huang Xiaoming, a native of Qingdao, why is the wedding not chosen in Qingdao, but in Shanghai? When the wedding meets hot topics, it will be a time for the network segment players to play their talents.

30 million gifts. The wedding scale of up to 2,000 people, regarding the gift money, has also been heatedly debated. Some media broke the news, the number of security personnel outside the wedding venue has more than 200 people, placed on the scene of four safes, are deep and thick, specifically used to display the red envelope received at the wedding.

Of course, the hot topics presented in this wedding are far more than this. In addition to using topics, they also fully create topics. For example, the Kangxi combination is invited as the host of the wedding. The Kangxi combination is famous for its strangeness. Certainly will create a variety of topics.

National entertainment

Agricultural and animal husbandry brand communication urgently needs blasting

In the current process of farming and animal husbandry brand communication, many of them have problems with insufficient explosion points, especially in the dissemination of technical conferences.

The technical conference mainly consists of two parts in its content composition: who lectures and who attends classes. In the process of communication, it is often only focused on who is going to lecture, even in this session, only the lecture experts and lecture content are listed.

It can be said that the technical conferences in the agriculture and animal husbandry industry, or event marketing, are now well-regulated, and even some are too obscured. It is precisely because of these traditional operational ideas that there is always some lack of vitality.

With the popularity of the mobile Internet, it has now entered the era of full name entertainment. Proper entertainment, appropriate increase of some explosion points, is feasible for the current agricultural and animal husbandry brand communication, and is a must.

For example, some brand communication activities in the feed industry in the previous period, beauty marketing, etc. are all explosive points, and also achieved the desired communication effect.

The brand communication of agriculture and animal husbandry requires a topic to detonate. The topic of brand communication in agriculture and animal husbandry is actually a lot. For example, the birth of Nobel Prize in Tuyu is a good tipping point, which can lead to the topic of technical system and technical staff career, and can also lead to technology to take the road of specialization or diversify. The topic of the road, and so on.

Without a burst of points, there will be no entertainment for all. Without universal entertainment, there will be no participation by the whole people; without full participation, there will be no comprehensive blast. Looking forward to the arrival of the era of agricultural and animal brand blasting.

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