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Enterprise Self Media: Mode Upgrade

2016年1月16日 00:00
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The self-media in the mobile social era is mainly a public platform. At present, according to Tencent statistics, which is active on WeChat, on the WeChat platform, the average person reads 5.86 articles per day, and the number of users who read more than 3 articles per day accounts for 51%.

The author analyzes the micro-signals of nearly 30 enterprises that are active in the agriculture and animal husbandry industry, and believes that they are all in the state of idealism and individualism.

The so-called idealism is to express the feelings of the enterprise - to show the soft power and hard power of the enterprise, to shape the enterprise into the image of Gao Daquan; and the individualism is manifested in the unilateral display of the "personal charm" of the enterprise, not Interoperate with customers.

There are two main directions for the future upgrade of enterprises from the media. One is to move from rationalism to exploring business models, and the other is to upgrade from individual to community.

WeChat payment provides more ideas for enterprises to explore business models from media. From the pure publishing platform, enterprises must establish social media from information publishing, e-commerce to customer service. Twins and Dabei Nong are among the best representatives. The twin pig service platform is around the whole process of raising pigs, including pig prices, pig services, and product centers. In the pig service section, there is a section called the pig account, in which there are four tools for profit analysis of pigs, overall benefits of pig farms, number of pigs per year for each sow, and calculation of self-dosing costs/standard spreads. Speak with numbers, accurately calculate whether pigs make money, and the cost is accurate to the materials used at each stage. In 2014, Dabei Agricultural began to implement the “Smart North Agriculture Strategy”. The strategy includes four parts: Zhinong Online Store, Zhinongtong, Nongfubao and Service Experience Center. It has established a 360-degree agricultural e-commerce platform integrating product, information, management and promotion. Among them, Zhinong Tong plays the role of communication platform. It uses the network and media (forum, WeChat, qq, etc.) to provide users with information, including pig slaughter, survey, daily pig review, knowledge quiz, map, earning money calculation. Instruments, analysis reports, etc., using trend charts, pictures to show the market, price, analysis trend, the degree of integration with customers is very high.

Before talking about community collaboration, first look at a group of data shared by WeChat friends circle. According to Tencent statistics, when users forward public account articles, the proportion of times they share to circle of friends and share with friends is about 3:2. This shows that the spread of the WeChat platform is roughly the propagation path of 1+1+N. The previous "1" refers to the WeChat platform, the middle "1" is the follower individual of the WeChat platform, and the last "N" is the friend sharing and friend circle sharing. If this communication path is reversed, it will become a platform for many people to operate, even to edit a WeChat, community writing, making WeChat operations easier, simpler, more accurate and more effective. (Text DDC Zhou Bin)