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Haida Group: Quantitative and profitable, comprehensive flowering feed industry leader grows steadily!

2018年4月21日 00:00
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1. Excellent product strength is the foundation of the company's competitiveness. In recent years, the company's ROE level has been maintaining a leading position among its peers, which is mainly based on the excellent product strength that the company has built up for a long time. Through the research and development of animal nutrition and raw material utilization, the formulation technology capability of feed products, the purchasing power of raw materials, the efficient internal operation capability and other professional capabilities and the “four-in-one” rapid linkage mechanism, the company has created an excellent product force. It is the root cause of the company's ability to challenge the existing industrial structure and achieve success in the products of aquatic products and poultry.

 2. In 2018, the business will continue, and profit growth will be guaranteed: the amount of aquatic products will increase and the amount of raw materials will increase.

1) Aquatic material: 2018, the continuation of the economy and the increase in quantity and profit! First of all, due to the tightening of the cage culture policy along the river and along the lake, the industry growth is limited in 2018, and the fish price is expected to remain high. In this respect, farmers will be encouraged to increase feed intake and boost sales of aquatic feed. On the other hand, the high fish price not only maintains the gross profit of the pellets, but also increases the demand for ordinary bulking materials that accelerate the growth rate, driving the improvement of the company's aquatic feed sales structure. Secondly, benefiting from the increase in the high-end bulk material market brought about by the increase in demand for high-end fish brought about by consumption upgrades, the special fish feed market will become an important growth point for the company's aquatic feed. With the company's accumulation in research and development, operations, products, etc., the company has a significant competitive advantage over the existing small and medium feed mills in the industry.

2) Pig material: thick and thin hair, enter the period of heavy volume growth. Pig feed is the company's development focus in the next three years. The company will use Zhongda Pig's compound materials as the main market breakthrough, increase market awareness through sales growth, stimulate the amount of materials and increase market influence. At the same time, the company will also copy the “product + service” model of the aquatic product sector through the grinding and construction of the pig farm service team, and establish a comprehensive farm service system integrating feed, vaccine and veterinary drugs. We are looking forward to the market for high-margin front-end materials! We expect pig feed sales to increase by 1 million tons to 2.65 million tons in 2018.

3) Profits from poultry feeds Benefits from improved poultry farming! The downturn in the poultry industry chain in 2017 has adversely affected the company's poultry business sales and single-ton profit. With the recovery of poultry farming, the company's poultry business is expected to recover gradually in 2018. We expect the company's net profit per a ton of poultry feed to increase from RMB 22/tonne to RMB 40/tonne in 2017.

We expect that in 2018, the company's feed sales will reach the order of 10 million tons, of which, the raw material, pig feed and poultry are 3.04 million tons (over 20% increase), 2.65 million tons (over 60% increase), and 5 million. Tons (greater than 10%).