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Why do experts say that it is impossible to make money in 2019? Has the pig entered the era of meager profit?

2018年5月18日 00:00
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As the title says, raising pigs after 2019 is likely to enter a period of meager profit for the following reasons:

1. Rapid expansion of large-scale pig farms

In the past two years, many loose-family households have been forced to stop breeding due to the pressure of environmental protection. The large-scale pig farms have been greatly expanded as a part of the investment promotion projects in some areas, and there is a great leap forward. At present, the proportion of large-scale pig farms in domestic pig breeding is getting higher and higher. When pigs are concentrated in the hands of a few people, the profits of pigs are basically fixed. The slaughterhouses and farms are mutually restricted, and pigs enter the era of low profits.

2. The gap in production results has narrowed

With the increase of the level of domestic pig breeding, the production performance of the free-range households has approached or even surpassed that of some large-scale pig farms. The production results of the pig farms are not much different, and the profits of the households are not much. Rich.

3, pig cycle

Although the market is not high in 2017, the overall pig farm is making money. In 2018, the first year of the pig cycle decline, many farms also have enough funds to support, sows will not be too productive, but the opposite In addition, some pig farm owners will buy the sows at the bottom price of the pigs, and it will not be as high as the market in 2019.

4, pig imports hinder the rise in pig prices

2016 is the year with the largest import of pigs in recent years. 2017 has declined. Because the price of pigs is the highest in 2016, it has declined in 2017. Some slaughter companies have tasted sweetness from imported meat. Once the price of pigs rises, it will definitely increase. Large imports to suppress the rise in pig prices.

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