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Dashang Institute conducts a series of assistance activities for state-level poverty-stricken counties

2018年6月30日 00:00
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In response to the call of the Party Central Committee and General Secretary Xi and the implementation of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, according to the cooperation and exchanges with Tianshui City of Gansu Province, this year, the Dalian Commodity Exchange (referred to as “Da Shang Institute”) organized a market organization to actively help each other. Supporting the national poverty-stricken county, Qin'an County, carried out a series of assistance activities such as fixed-point donation and talent training.

On June 14, Li Zhengqiang, secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the University of China, met with Wang Rui, vice chairman of the Gansu Provincial CPPCC and secretary of the Tianshui Municipal Party Committee during the investigation of Qin'an, to further strengthen poverty alleviation cooperation and counterpart assistance, deepen exchanges and cooperation, and promote Tianshui and Qinan’s economic and social development and other issues were discussed and exchanged. Li Zhengqiang said that the Dashang Institute actively responded to the call of General Secretary Xi, and devoted himself to poverty alleviation under the deployment of the China Securities Regulatory Commission. Dashang attaches great importance to cooperation with Tianshui City, will give full play to the advantages and characteristics of futures exchanges, widely mobilize various forces, play a more proactive role in the implementation of the national poverty alleviation strategy, and do a good job in helping the county The district's poverty alleviation work will make positive contributions to the promotion of Tianshui's economic development and poverty alleviation work. At the same time, on the basis of the original counterpart assistance, we will strive to cooperate with Tianshui in a broader field to better promote Tianshui's economic society. development of.

Wang Rui briefly introduced the basic market conditions of Tianshui and the precise poverty alleviation work. He said that in recent years, Tianshui's economic and social development momentum is good, the city's comprehensive strength has improved significantly, and the urban and rural landscape has changed significantly. It is hoped that the large business office will continue to pay attention to and support the economic and social development of Tianshui City and work hard to get rid of poverty, further strengthen communication and communication, give full play to the characteristics and advantages of the futures industry, and actively promote the deep integration of the futures market and the real economy of Tianshui City. Cooperate in exchange training and other aspects, continuously increase assistance, better serve poverty alleviation and support Tianshui economic and social development.

On June 15th, Qinan County held the “Da Shang Office to help Qinan County Donation Ceremony”. At the ceremony, Dashang Institute donated 1.448 million yuan to Qin'an County for the provision of accurate poverty alleviation assistance funds, which was used to provide subsidy funds to teachers in poverty-stricken villages in Qin'an County, provide bursaries for poor college students, and provide donation funds for poor village clinics. In addition, 200 teaching computers were donated to the poor village schools in Qin'an County.

At the donation ceremony, Li Zhengqiang said that in 2017, the Dashang Institute took the initiative to apply to the China Securities Regulatory Commission and designated Qinan County as a large-scale business support unit, with the consent and strong support of the China Securities Regulatory Commission. According to the deployment of the CSRC, two leading cadres of the Taishang Institute have been working in Tianshui City. On this basis, Dashang and Tianshui City signed the "Futures Market to Promote Tianshui Economic Development and Poverty Alleviation Agreement", and organized two sessions of Tianshui City Party and Government Cadre Financial Training Courses, research and establishment of futures delivery warehouses, and large-scale enterprises. A number of initiatives, such as negotiating projects with listed companies, support Tianshui's economic development and poverty alleviation.

He pointed out that the Dashang Institute will give full play to the role of the market hub, combine "transfusion" with "hematopoietic", combine "Fuzhi" with "Fuzhi", and make full use of the "insurance + futures" pilot and other futures markets to accurately alleviate poverty. Tools, widely mobilize the power of relevant parties, through the market-oriented mechanism, to promote and promote Qinan County to revitalize resources, improve the quality and efficiency of economic and social development, and carry out targeted support projects in a targeted manner, really helping the poor and helping the poor.

Li Zhengqiang said that in the next step, the big business office will take more concrete measures to support the development of Qin'an. First, make full use of the advantages of futures exchanges, and mobilize all parties to form a joint effort to help the poor. The second is to support Qin's industrial enterprises and farmers to effectively use the futures market to manage price fluctuation risks and achieve stable operations. The third is to increase the precision of poverty alleviation in response to local conditions and people's policies. The fourth is to explore the establishment of a long-term cooperation mechanism, deepen the two-way exchange between Dashang and Qin'an County, and strengthen cooperation in human resources training.

After the donation ceremony, the signing ceremony of the Beijing Egg Processing and Sales Industry Association's production and training base supported by the Dashang Institute and the signing ceremony of the Shanghai Pact Securities Co., Ltd.'s Precision Poverty Alleviation Strategy Cooperation Agreement were held, and the egg futures were held. Service Rural Revitalization Strategy Training Course. The training class invited more than 60 people from China Agricultural University, Beijing Egg Processing and Sales Industry Association, Meierya Futures Company, Sichuan Green Birds Company and other responsible persons to Tianshui, some party and government cadres in Qin'an and the chicken and chicken breeding enterprises. Training was conducted.

Source: China Securities Journal Author: Wang Jiao