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Details of Animal Tests

2019年2月26日 17:55
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To judge the quality of food attractants, animal experiments are often used to verify them, and in the course of the experiments, they should be completed in strict accordance with the experimental process. Animal preference test and growth performance test were designed. Preference test is the main method to verify the effect of condiments.

Preference test, in which two or more diets were fed in the experimental pens to allow the pigs to choose freely and animals to complete their feeding freely, with over 200 g of leftovers the next day. In actual production, most of the piglets used as seasoning agents are newly weaned piglets. For piglets after weaning, because their gastrointestinal tract is not yet well developed, they need to adapt from mother's milk to the full price of food. At this time, piglets should be free to eat immediately, which may lead to diarrhea because of the sudden increase in food intake. Therefore, at this stage, we should eat less and eat more meals. The way and times of diligent feeding should be recorded and treated in time if diarrhea is found in the pre-feeding period of 3 days. It requires the experimenters to observe carefully the feed intake of each trough and observe whether there is any leakage phenomenon. If the leakage phenomenon is found, it should be dealt with in time. The trough should be placed in a shape, size and no difference. The influence of the trough on the feed intake of pigs should be avoided. The place where the test material is put should be changed every day to avoid the preference of pigs for the trough or orientation, which will lead to no test results. Accurate. When the ration is put in at 8 o'clock in the morning, it should be put in at the same time. When conditions permit, the addition of each kind of diet should also be put in at the same time. It has been proved by experiments that animals have a certain preference for the first ration. For the collection of daily surplus materials, the choice of electronic weighing should be as high as possible, with the accuracy of gram. After collecting the surplus material, the residual fragrance in the trough should be cleaned to ensure that the trough is clean and tidy every day before starting to put the ration into the trough.

The growth performance test cycle is usually one month. Pigs are weighed once every half month. The stress of pigs should be reduced as much as possible during the weighing process. The pigs were used to weigh pigs accurately and read the pig weight accurately after the metering display was stable. Recording the feed intake of pigs in each circle every day, we can not collect leftovers because of the same feed, because the daily feed intake can show the daily feeding trend of pigs. Record the health status of pigs, environmental temperature and humidity, vaccines and so on every day.* The surplus grain collected can not be used any more. Because the aroma will be lost after being put into the tank, *pigs*should choose healthy pigs with no significant difference in body weight, age and sex, and have at least four or more repetitions. In a word, there are many factors affecting the animal free choice test. A slight carelessness in the details will result in a completely different test result from the real data, resulting in wrong judgment. The experimental error should be minimized in animal experiments. (Wen/DDC Wanrui)