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Study on the characteristics and stability of neotame

2017/08/09 00:00
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Abstract: Neotame is a dipeptide strong sweetener, a derivative of aspartame, which is by far the sweetest synthetic sweetener in the world. The solubility of neotame at different temperatures and the dissolution rate after mixing with saccharin sodium were studied. The results showed that the higher the temperature, the faster the dissolution, and the dissolution rate was also accelerated after mixing with saccharin sodium. The determination of neotame by high performance liquid chromatography The content changes under different pH values, aqueous solution and different temperatures at different times to investigate the stability of neotame for different systems and conditions. The results showed that neotame was stable in acidic solution and aqueous solution; neotame was very unstable under alkaline conditions, and the retention rate was less than 10% at 40 days. Neotame has good stability at temperatures below 100 °C and instantaneous high temperature. When the temperature is above 100 °C, the temperature increases and the stability of neotame is weaker with time.

Key words: neotame, aspartame, high performance liquid chromatography, stability

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