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Preliminary Study on Time-dependent Changes of Semi-finished Products of Feed Flavoring Agents

2019/02/26 17:59
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ABSTRACT: Gas chromatography was used to analyze the liquid aroma base of semi-finished products of the same feed flavor agent in different time periods, and the results of the final sample peaking were compared. The results showed that with the change of time, the sample would change and some substances would be added, which would change the original pungent aroma of the sample into a round, sweet and mellow aroma.

Key words: Gas Chromatography, Feed Flavoring Agent, Aroma Change

Besides the solvent, the main components of the flavour also contain even carbon fatty acids, aldehydes, ketones and lactone. After mixing, each component has to undergo a period of aging to make the aroma balance.

In this ripening process, due to the continuous collision of various molecules, chemical reactions may occur in each collision to produce new molecules, such as acid-base neutralization, esterification of acid and alcohol, exchange of esters with acids, alcohols and esters, condensation of aldehydes and aldehydes, condensation of aldehydes and amines, molecular rearrangement, polymerization, pyrolysis, disproportionation, catalytic chain reaction, cyclization and ring opening of terpenes, etc. These ripening reactions take place under relatively mild conditions and reach equilibrium after a period of time. The ripening of essence promotes the aroma of the essence to become soft and natural. Ripening is an important part in the manufacture of flavors. There are no detailed scientific reports on the changes in [2]. [3- 4] studies the chemical changes of flavor Chen Huazhong, and helps to further understand the changing trend of the fragrance materials after the mixture ends. It can theoretically explain the aroma changes of flavor after ripening, and also provide a theoretical guidance for Flavor perfumery perfumery.

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