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Development of Cheese Flavoring Agent

2019/02/26 18:00
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ABSTRACT: Through the analysis and sensory evaluation of the aroma components of natural cheese, the aroma composition and characteristics of cheese were analyzed. By applying the theory and techniques of flavoring and combining with the characteristics of feed flavoring agents, a natural cheese flavoring agent was developed and applied to feed flavoring agents.

Key words: cheese, flavoring agent, flavoring

Cheese is also the best product of milk, known as the "pearl on the crown of dairy industry" [1]. Cheese is a dairy product with very high nutritional value. It is the concentrated essence of many kinds of milk nutrients. Its nutritional value is far higher than that of milk. Cheese is rich in protein and fat. Cheese not only has good palatability, but also is an important source of nutrients in animal production because of its high nutrient concentration, reasonable composition and easy digestion and absorption. In the last century, some foreign manufacturers processed cheese and used it as feed. Because of the relatively high cost, these products are only used for high quality feed, such as piglet starter, pet feed and aquatic feed*2]. Through the combination of flavoring agent and butter, the feed flavor can reach high quality cheese flavor, enhance the attractiveness of suckling pigs'open feed, and also effectively reduce feed cost. It can be said that the development of this kind of fragrance products can kill two birds with one stone.

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