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DDC Technological Days | Factors Affecting Palatability of Granular Materials - Hardness (PDI)

2019/02/26 18:02
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The palatability of feed is obviously affected by the nature of feed in the diet. Odor and taste play a very important role in the taste characteristics of feed, but somatosensation, such as hardness, brittleness, viscosity and chewing strength, also play an important role in the palatability of food. The results showed that the correlation between texture structure and preference, hardness (r=-0.49, P < 0.001), brittleness (r=-0.49, P < 0.001), chewing viscosity (r=-0.36, P = 0.003). In some farms, it was also found that the granular hardness of pellet feed had a certain effect on animal production performance. Therefore, how to control the particle hardness of pellet feed is a problem that some manufacturers and researchers are actively exploring. Throughout the whole process of pellet feed processing technology, in addition to feed formulation, the processing technology affecting Pellet Hardness of pellet feed includes: crushing process of raw materials; expansion and expansion process of raw materials; mixing, adding water and spraying process of raw materials; steam pre-conditioning process; selection of moulds in pelleting process; Post-ripening and post-spraying process; drying and cooling process.

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