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Effects of probiotics substituting antibiotics on performance and diarrhea rate of Weaned Piglets

2019/02/26 18:04
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Weaning piglets is the key period of pig production. The intestinal immune system of piglets generally develops and matures at 4-7 weeks of age. Therefore, the level of autoimmune antibody and cellular immunity of piglets at early weaning stage are low. In addition, the supply of maternal immune antibody is interrupted, which further weakens the imperfect immune function of piglets under stress. Weaning stress can reduce the level of circulating antibodies in piglets, inhibit cellular immunity, and show significant immune suppression, which makes young animals more susceptible to conditional diseases.

Antibiotics have significant preventive and growth-promoting effects. Therefore, antibiotics have been widely used not only as therapeutic drugs but also as feed additives in animal husbandry for a long time, bringing huge profits to animal husbandry. However, with the increasing negative effects of antibiotics added to feed, people have been aware that in recent years, people are constantly looking for green rings. Safe and efficient antibiotic substitutes. A large number of studies have shown that probiotics are one of the most potential alternatives for antibiotics. They have a positive effect on improving pig production performance and disease control. They have a series of advantages such as improving intestinal microorganism balance, improving animal production performance and immunity, improving the environment of enclosure, and protecting the ecological environment.

Therefore, the high-yielding bacteriocin Enterococcus faecium B13 and commercialized compound probiotic powder isolated and identified by Animal Nutrition and Feed Science Laboratory of Southwest University for Nationalities were applied to weaned piglets in this experiment, which provided basic data for exploring the feasibility of probiotic preparation replacing antibiotics in weaned piglets'diets.

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