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Research Progress on Application Effect of DDC Science and Technology Day | Yeast Culture in Animal Production

2019/02/26 18:04
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ABSTRACT: Yeast culture is a new microecological preparation, which has the characteristics of improving animal production performance, improving intestinal environment, improving body immunity and replacing antibiotics. In this paper, the application and Prospect of yeast culture in animal production were briefly summarized.

Key words: yeast culture, production performance, application

Yeast culture is a microecological product formed by yeast fermentation on a special medium under the control of specific technological conditions. It consists of yeast cell metabolites, fermented variant media and a small number of inactive yeast cells. Yeast culture is a product with complex components. It contains not only nutrients in yeast cells, but also metabolites of yeast cells formed after fermentation. It is these metabolites that can stimulate microbial bacteria in the intestine and stomach of animals and promote the healthy growth of animals, so as to achieve the purpose of improving feed utilization rate and animal production level [1]. The main metabolites of yeast culture can be found in Table 1 (Lin Changshui, 2007) [2]. Yeast culture improves animal gastrointestinal microecological environment by living yeast cells or other active factors, promotes the synthesis of microbial proteins, and thus improves the digestion and absorption of nutrients in the intestine. Yeast culture can also competitively inhibit the growth of pathogenic microorganisms in the intestine, improve the structure and morphology of intestinal wall, and inhibit the harm of mycotoxin. Therefore, the use of yeast culture in livestock and poultry feeding and feed industry is of great significance [3].

The Catalogue of Varieties of Feed Additives (2010) of the Ministry of Agriculture of China allows yeast cultures, yeast extracts and yeast cell walls to be used as feed additives for breeding animals, which also affirms the use of yeast extracts in legal sense. In this paper, the application of yeast culture in animal production was briefly described.

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