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Study on the preparation technology of flavor peptide substrates for feed seasoning

2019/02/26 18:05
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ABSTRACT: In this paper, through the optimization of culture medium and the study of mixed solid-state fermentation technology, the production process of flavor peptide substrates for feed flavoring agent was obtained. By compounding with other flavor elements, better substrates with pure and soft flavor and stable properties were obtained. Amino acid and protein analysis showed that its main components were natural plant and microbial protein, and its food safety was good. The flavor peptide substrates of the feed seasoning agent have good functional and nutritional factors, which inject new vitality and function into the traditional feed seasoning agent.

Key words: flavor peptide; feed condiment; feed additive

The frequent occurrence of food safety problems in recent years has attracted great attention of the whole society. With the adoption of the Principles of the Opinions of the Ministry of Agriculture on Further Strengthening the Supervision of the Quality and Safety of Agricultural Products and the Special Regulation Plan for the Quality and Safety of Agricultural Products in 2012, the supervision of the quality and safety of agricultural products in China has been further strengthened. However, it is undeniable that there are still many hidden dangers and constraints on the quality and safety of animal husbandry and aquatic products. The abuse of various forbidden feed additives such as lean meat powder and antibiotics is harmful to our food safety. Therefore, the development of green, healthy and safe new natural feed additives is very necessary in the current aquaculture environment in China. It will more effectively guarantee people's food safety and improve the quality of life of the whole people.

A series of advantages of small peptides have attracted great attention all over the world, and have become a new hotspot in the high-tech industry. Peptides, whether in animal nutrition or biological function, will cause a new revolution in animal husbandry and breeding in the 21st world. In fact, the revolution has already begun. At present, the role of small peptides in animal nutrition and alternative antibiotics has been widely recognized in the industry. Small peptide products made from plant protein or animal protein are also very abundant in the market. At present, they are mainly aimed at providing animals with better protein resources and antimicrobial activities, as well as promoting animal body development. The new type of feed condiments we are studying are derived from natural animal and plant proteins, which are decomposed into various functional peptides by safe and environmentally friendly enzymatic hydrolysis technology. The coordination of biological activities of different peptides can effectively promote the healthy growth of animals and achieve low resistance/no resistance breeding in green ecology. Our main applications include enzymatic hydrolysis technology and microbial fermentation technology to improve the quality and palatability of animal feed, and also play a role in promoting animal growth and enhancing the autoimmunity of animal body. The flavor of some peptides and amino acids will be enhanced by Maillard thermal reaction, which will play a positive role in the better use of flavor peptides.