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Pig assessment: Northeast China has become a pioneer in the north of China.

2019/02/27 17:50
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Monitoring of pig prices in most of the breeding areas in China, the average price of three yuan today is 18.34 yuan / kg. Compared with the average price of three yuan yesterday, the national average price of 18.44 yuan / kg dropped by 0.10 yuan / kg, or 0.55%, compared with the average price data of 17 provinces and two cities in the 18 days. The significant difference value is P=1.14E-18<0.05, indicating that there are obvious differences in the data of two groups, in other words, 18 On the whole, the price of pork varies with the price of pork around 17 days.

Regional Situation

Northeast China: the price of pork in Northeast China has been down. The settlement price of slaughtering enterprises in Heilongjiang has been reduced by 0.1-0.2 yuan / kg, and the price of good breed pig has been reduced to 8.4-8.9 yuan / kg. The price of good breed pig has fallen below 8.3 yuan per Jin, and the price of some large breed pig is still relatively strong. The price of pork in Jilin area has a downward trend. Some slaughtering enterprises lowered their settlement price by 0.1 yuan / kg, and the price of the good breed pig of the local variety dropped to 8.5-8.85 yuan / Jin, and the rate of reduction was slower than that of yesterday. The reduction rate of pig prices in Liaoning area is still relatively obvious. The settlement price of local slaughtering enterprises has been reduced by 0.3 yuan / kg, and the price of mixed breed pig has been reduced to 8.5-9.15 yuan / kg. Prices are still high.

North China market: pig prices in the North China market also showed a downward trend today, mainly in the areas of Tianjin, Hebei, Shanxi and Inner Mongolia, and the settlement price of the Northeast Beijing improved by 0.1 yuan / kg, basically maintained at 18.1-18.3 yuan / kg, while the local pork price began to break down 9 yuan / Jin, down to 8.9-9.2 yuan / Jin today. Prices have been sharply lowered. Settlement prices of some slaughterhouses have been reduced by 0.3-1.0 yuan/kg. Reference prices for purchasing improved breeds have fallen below 9 yuan/kg. The number of purchasers has increased significantly. Today, the overall local price has been lowered by 0.1-0.2 yuan/kg. The range of reduction is still very obvious. Today, the mainstream local price is between 8.8-9.1 yuan/kg. There are individual large pig farms with a listing transaction price of 9.2 yuan/kg, but no actual transaction has been concluded in Hebei City. In recent days, the market has continued to show a relatively large downward trend. The settlement price of pig in slaughter enterprises has been lowered by 0.3 yuan/kg, the market price of pig farms has been lowered by 0.2-0.4 yuan/kg, and the mainstream local price has dropped to 8.7-9.1 yuan/kg. Today, the Shanxi market has also continued to show a relatively large downward trend. The settlement price of some slaughter enterprises has been lowered by 0.2-0.6 yuan/kg, and the prices of some pig farms have also been lowered. By adjusting 0.2 yuan/kg, the number of slaughter enterprises whose reference purchase price fell below 9 yuan/kg also increased significantly. The local mainstream price has dropped to 8.7-9.3 yuan/kg, and the price of live pigs entering Beijing has dropped to 9.2-9.3 yuan/kg in some large pig farms.

East China market: the East China market showed a weak decline overall, and the amplitude of price change was smaller than that in the northeast and North China. However, the slaughter price of some pig farms in Anhui, Shandong and Jiangsu was reduced by 0.2 yuan / kg, and the price of each region was slightly different. At present, the price of pork in Shandong is the lowest, and the reference price of some slaughterhouses has dropped to 8.85 yuan / Jin; the relative price of Fujian pig is relatively low. There was a rebound in the range of 0.1-0.2 yuan / kg, and local differentiation in Fujian was also very obvious. Shanghai area as a sales area, the local pork prices were mainly stable, and no obvious changes were observed.

Central China Market: The leading role of Central China today is still Henan. The mainstream price in Henan dropped to 9.2-9.3 yuan/kg yesterday. Today, the mainstream price has dropped to 9.0-9.1 yuan/kg. Although some pig farms still have listing prices of 9.2-9.3 yuan/kg, the actual turnover is very small. Other areas in Central China are basically stable today, and some manufacturers are due to yesterday. The phenomenon of supplementary increase appears today because of the relatively large price depreciation.

Southern China area: the price of pork in Southern China area is basically stable today. On the first two days, the price of the local pig has also been raised under the influence of Guangdong's Winchester price increase. Yesterday, we also talked about the fact that the lack of power was also highlighted today. After all, the reverse trend of a region is difficult to shake the whole environment in the background of the downward trend of the whole country.

Southwest China: the price of pig in Southwest China is in a consolidation trend. The price of pig slaughtered in Sichuan and Chongqing pig farms has basically remained stable, and the slaughter price of pig farms in Sichuan area is 9.35-9.8 yuan / Jin, while the price of pig slaughtered in Chongqing pig farms is 9.45-9.6 yuan / Jin.


Today, pork prices continue to show a downward trend in most parts of the world. Northeast and North China have become the vanguard of price cuts. Since the 15 day, the two regions have seen a marked drop in prices. The most serious regional price range has reached 0.4-0.5 yuan / Jin, and a slight area has reached 0.2-0.3 yuan / Jin. Although the price of pig has been reduced, the price of piglets has been rising steadily. The price of 30 kg of pig has been raised to 900 yuan / head. Some small pig farms have reached a price of 800-820 yuan / head. The trend of a kind of adverse weather is shrouded in the market of piglets. With the price of big pigs decreasing day by day, the price of pigs is expected to reach a watershed. (source: Pig Yitong Ricky data center: Ceng Zihua)