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China Feed Industry Information Network: Summary of Domestic Feed Raw Materials Market on March 01, 2016

2019/02/27 17:53
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Market Review - Focus of Attention


Phased and regional market differentiation is more obvious, and there is a growing trend, the release of future policy grain sources, or the suppression of the domestic corn market as a whole.

Soybean meal:

Brazil's bumper harvest and March contract delivery have depressed the overnight soybean market, while domestic soybean meal has continued to fall, but the liquidity released by the central bank and soybean meal has continued to fall year after year, which has now reached the bottom of the stage.

Rapeseed meal:

Domestic soybean meal prices continue to fall or have touched the bottom of the stage, the overall market for miscellaneous meal is light, the spot market of rapeseed meal is affected by it, and the coastal meal continues to operate weakly.

Cottonseed meal:

Domestic soybean meal prices continue to fall or have reached the bottom of the stage. The market pressure of miscellaneous meal is obvious, but the raw cottonseed prices are high, the cost support is strong, and the decline of cottonseed meal resistance is limited.


The import volume of DDGS has declined in February, and the arrival volume of DDGS may decline further after April, which will increase the demand for domestic DDGS. Enterprises may be inclined to offer DDGS.

Super Steam Fish Meal:

China's aquaculture has not yet entered the start-up stage, and many End-Feeding enterprises have completed the stage of replenishment before the festival. In recent years, China's fish meal market transactions are still light.

Whey powder:

The whey powder market fluctuates from 4400 yuan to 4700 yuan per ton. In terms of market supply, the brand supply is different, some brands are tight, and some are abundant. In terms of downstream demand, the continuous 29-month decline of the reproductive sows still has a negative impact on whey powder consumption. Therefore, whey powder short-term consolidation is the main. Pay attention to the recovery of whey powder market after Lantern Festival.


This week, some manufacturers'quotations are weak, and the market price of corn raw materials has declined, market expectations have increased and quotations have been loosened.


After the festival, the quotation of manufacturers is weak, the domestic and foreign markets are weak, and the import volume in January is 14452 tons. After the year, the supply of methionine market is larger than the demand, and it runs steadily and weakly.

Vitamin A:

Market news said that some foreign manufacturers raised their prices to 220 yuan/kg, which boosted the market price, the tight price situation is dependent, and the VA market is running strong in the short term, so we need to continue to pay attention to the relevant manufacturers.

Vitamin E:

It is reported that foreign manufacturers have raised their prices to 50 yuan/kg, and the focus of market price has moved upwards, running steadily in the short term.

The foreign ternary wool pig:

Factories started and schools opened, and concentrated consumption increased.


Today, the price of eggs is stable in the mainstream, and some of them continue to adjust weakly. Traders are worried that the price of eggs in the producing areas will continue to fall. They are more cautious in purchasing. They expect that the adjustment of the price of eggs will be mainly weak in the short term.

Eliminate laying hens:

Eliminated chicken prices continue to be weak and volatile, as egg prices continue to explore, and spring is the traditional period to fill the fence, it is expected that the price of eliminated chickens in the future or continue to be weak adjustment.

White feather broiler:

Influenced by the lower price of Broiler in the fourth quarter of last year and the fewer feeders, the stock of broiler chickens is not large at this stage, which stimulates the enthusiasm of farmers to fill the feeders. At present, the market price of broiler chickens continues to rise.

White feather broiler fry:

The price of broiler chicken seedlings continues to catch up, mainly due to the recent ideal price of broiler chickens, which stimulates the enthusiasm of farmers to invest in seedlings, while the market of warmed chickens gradually enters the peak season, so as to jointly support the price of chicken seedlings.

Note: Daily quotation deadline for each item is 11:30. The difference of statistical time may cause slight price difference on that day.