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Dahe Network: Removal of 13 forbidden farms in Zhengyang County

2019/02/27 17:53
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"Ten years ago, our villagers were washing vegetables in the river until the pig farm moved here. The pig excrement was draught straight into the river, and the water suddenly deteriorated. Now, even the vegetables do not dare to use the water. These pig farms are well demolished." After learning that the polluted farms were demolished according to law, the villagers in the vicinity clapped their hands in succession.

The county government officials said that the 13 farms had built, rebuilt and expanded many new buildings, but did not report to the relevant departments for approval; the environmental protection facilities needed for supporting construction of livestock and poultry farming projects had not been completed, and the main projects were put into production or use; new pig houses occupied farmland had not been approved by the land and forestry departments. Previously, the government and relevant departments have punished the pig farm, ordered it to stop illegal activities, and interviewed the head of the farm many times, clearly demanding that it demolish the illegal construction and revegetate the farm itself, but the farm has not been implemented.

"High pressure, then high pressure, continuous high pressure!" The person in charge said that this is the determination to rectify the environment in Zhengyang County, and "zero tolerance" should be applied to any enterprises that violate the law and seriously pollute the environment. Once the places polluted by the environment are found, they will never be soft-handed. (Great River Network)