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Guizhou Metropolitan Daily: Guizhou pig*raising enterprise stipulates that employees should communicate in English at work, and they will be punished if they don't say so!

2019/02/27 17:54
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This newspaper news (reporter Yao Qiang) is located in the deep mountains of Zunyi. It's surprising that all the employees communicate in English.

On March 8, the reporter entered Guizhou Mengrun Company, a handcuffed enterprise located in Dakancun Village, Tuanze Town, Huichuan District. As soon as he arrived at the door of the office, he heard someone talking in skilled English. "Have foreigners placed orders in this company?" Reporters with doubts stepped into the office, unexpectedly, there are only a few employees in the office, while working in English exchanges.

Seeing the reporter's expression somewhat astonished, a staff member quickly explained: "Usually, it is natural for everyone to communicate in English."

Immediately, the employee pointed to a notice posted on the door, which said that from January 25, 2016, five people in the office had to communicate in English every day during working hours. If they found that they did not speak, they would be punished.

It is understood that the company is a migrant worker returning home to start a business, the office of five employees are graduated from well-known universities in China, have skilled oral English communication skills.

Zhang Mingfu, head of the company, said that the company focused on the operation of ecological pig farming and quail industrial chain, and its products have gradually entered the global market. Business managers always have to deal with foreigners, so they must understand English and speak English. (Source: Guizhou Metropolitan Daily)