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Ma Yun began to raise pigs, too? Ten million head in two years! Animal husbandry is beginning to calm down...

2019/02/27 17:58
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On February 6, Aliyun cooperated with Sichuan Special Drive Group and Dekang Group to train and develop the artificial intelligence system "ET Brain" in order to realize all-round intelligent pig raising in the future.

"In the early stage of theoretical validation,'ET Brain'increased the annual production of sows by three, and reduced the mortality elimination rate by about 3%. According to the staff, the total investment of AI pig-raising project amounts to hundreds of millions of yuan. The first phase of AI pig-raising project has ten functions, such as identification of the number of pigs, analysis of behavioral characteristics of pigs, disease identification and early warning, and no one weighs.

"If you have 10 million pigs, you can't rely solely on artificial labor." Zhang Haifeng, CIO of Special Drive Group, said that taking the record of the birth data of piglets as an example, a large number of sows were produced every day. How many piglets were born in the end, I'm afraid that no one can count. "The technology we are working on now can automatically analyze and record the number of births, whether they are spontaneous or midwifery. If the piglet is suppressed by the sow, it can also judge the position of the piglet by screaming and rescue it in time.

According to the disclosure, "ET brain" can set up a set of files for each pig, including pig breed, age, weight, food intake, exercise intensity, frequency, trajectory and so on. These data can be used to analyze the behavior characteristics, eating characteristics and feed to meat ratio of pigs, and can also be combined with acoustic characteristics and infrared temperature measurement technology to determine whether pigs are sick or not.

Artificial intelligence raises pigs, can do many things: see a doctor, count a baby, health care, and so on. In the early stage of theoretical validation, ET brain can make sows produce three more piglets per year, and the mortality rate of piglets can be reduced by about 3%.

China's Pig Raising Level Needs to be Promoted*

Can artificial intelligence be used in pig*raising? In fact, pig raising is a very technical thing, but in addition to the insiders, most people's impression of pig raising is still the pig shed of the rural relatives' families in childhood.

In 2016, China's pig production value reached 1.6 trillion yuan, and the*market is huge. The year before, the "*strictest*environmental protection law in history" was promulgated, and 5 million pig farmers nationwide withdrew from the market, and pig-raising industry was accelerated under the support of capital. Many people know that Netease is raising pigs, but they may not know that Goldman Sachs, the famous international investment bank, is also raising pigs, let alone that raising pigs has achieved at least 15 listed companies.

Enterprises raise pigs, the competition is the production efficiency and production quality. One of the two indicators for a pig company to make money is PSY, which refers to the number of weaned piglets per sow per year. Generally speaking, as a sow, how many offspring can you produce a year?

The second is MSY, which refers to the number of pigs that can be fed per sow per year.The*MSY*is the number of pigs that can be fed per sow per year. Generally speaking, as sows, how many of your offspring have grown into adults* This indicator is more important than PSY.

There is a big gap between China and developed countries in pig*raising. The average PSY in Denmark has reached 30, while in China, there are more than 20*good pig farms.

Large-scale pig farms cannot be satisfied by manual work alone*

The owners of pig farms should also ensure that sows have more*and better*breeding*and piglets grow healthily. But the problem is that with the growing scale of pig farms, it will be more and more difficult to upgrade PSY and MSY.*

Usually, a piglet has a bad fate since the birth of*a*mother. The sow has a good birth. If the dystocia is not found, it will die in the womb. Even if the piglets are born successfully, it*s*not easy to make them eat and sleep well. Living environment is very important. Ventilation, temperature and humidity are all wrong with one index, and piglets die of a disease. To make matters worse, the pig mother is not a careful mother. The accident that the piglet is crushed by her mother is almost common in any pig farm.

For this reason, it is a challenging job to be a swineherd in a modern pig farm.The swineherd is a**piggery-farm-farm-farm-farm-farm-farm-farm-farm-farm-farm-farm. For example, those engaged in breeding management positions, to be able to endure loneliness, usually can not leave the pig farm, because re-entry needs to stay in the quarantine area for three days - epidemic prevention is the top priority of the pig farm, **keepers*must take a bath every day before entering the pig house, and have to change into professional work clothes.

Artificial intelligence technology can collect more abundant monitoring data than ear labels.

If the scale of the pig farm is small, people may be able to take care of the pig in every possible way. But with the industrialization process, if the scale of the pig farm is expanded to millions or tens of millions?

"If you have 10 million pigs, you can't rely on people alone." Zhang Haifeng, CIO of Special Drive Group, said that taking the birth data of piglets as an example, there are a large number of sows produced in pig farms every day, and the number of people born is not at all countable.

Special Drive Group is the national key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization in China. It is expected that by 2020, annual feed sales will exceed 10 million tons and pig farming will exceed 10 million tons.

How AI Improves Pig Raising Efficiency

The whole process of artificial intelligence technology can greatly improve the efficiency of pig farming, which involves video image analysis, face recognition, speech recognition, logistics algorithm and so on.

Taking the first landing business of Aliyun and Special Driver Group as an example, it includes the identification of pig numbers, the analysis of pig herd behavior characteristics, disease identification and early warning, and no one weighs. In the past, the collection of these data mainly relied on handwritten methods.

In the pig farms using the ET brain, every pig has its own files from the date of birth, and can be meticulously taken care of. Video image analysis technology can record pig weight, eating, exercise intensity, frequency and trajectory. If a pig can not lie long, then the ET brain will determine whether it is pregnant or ill, and remind people to intervene in time. If a pig wants to be lazy, the keeper will let him walk more, so as not to affect the ratio of raw material to meat.

ET brain can also monitor the body temperature and cough * of the pig by infrared temperature measurement and speech recognition technology. Once abnormal, it can make epidemic warning at the first time.


Pig recognition

Aliyun and Special Drive Group hope to use artificial intelligence technology to upgrade PSY to the top 32 in the world. In the future, when consumers choose pork in supermarkets, they can get all growth information, health index and distribution information as long as they sweep yards.

Source: Animal Husbandry Website