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Three Points of View of the First Beijing Animal Husbandry Engineering Forum

2019/02/27 18:25
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Capturing Industry Hotspots

Focus on piglets nutrition Internet + industry hot topics.

All along, the progress of animal husbandry engineering technology has been promoting the progress of the industry. The upcoming first Beijing Forum on Feed and Animal Husbandry Engineering will focus on industry hotspots and try to guide and inspire relevant research and development work in this field.

In the content of the report, pig nutrition is the first battle. The research progress of nutrition and feed for Chinese sows, the progress of nutrition and feed research on Chinese piglets, the research progress of nitrogen efficient utilization of pig feed in China, the research and development of pig feed, and the sharing reports related to pigs have become an important part of the whole conference. In addition, non-food feed, feed antibiotic substitutes, greenhouse gas emissions from ruminants and dairy cow bio-feed will also be presented and widely exchanged at this session.

It is worth mentioning that this session will exchange the trend and opportunity analysis of China's livestock and poultry in the era of Internet plus. According to small D observation, this is the first time that Internet + topics have appeared in technical meetings this year.

Transformation of Scientific and Technological Achievements

Science and technology of animal husbandry and veterinary engineering promotes enterprise development

The purpose of the First Beijing Forum on Science and Technology of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Engineering sponsored by Beijing Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medical Association is not only to display and share new ideas, new technologies and new methods in the field of animal husbandry and veterinary medicine, but also to hope that these latest scientific research achievements can promote the development of the industry and the progress of enterprises. Xiao D believes that from the current report arrangement of conference organizers, it can be seen that the contents of these reports are not only the focus areas urgently needed to be solved in the current industry, but also the difficulties and pain points encountered by enterprises in the process of development and innovation.

In addition to China Agricultural University and other scientific research institutes, Dabeinong, Yang Xiang and other enterprises also participated in the forum. For example, Dr. Fu Shuangxi of Yangxiang Group has brought the sharing exchange of "Precision Preparing Skills of Chinese Monogastric Animal Feed". Dr. Xijie Chunyan will share on-the-spot "Advances in Application Research of Chinese Feeding Amino Acids". At this conference, the three major fields of industry, education and research will have extensive exchanges in a technical conference. We hope to inject more new vitality and momentum into China's animal husbandry and veterinary industry. (DDC Small D)