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CFT pig comment: pork price fall temporarily to come to an end, coastal rebound amplitude increases.

2019/02/27 18:28
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According to the data of Huitong data research department, in March 1, 2016, the average price of three yuan of pigs was 18.45 yuan per kilogram in all provinces in the whole country, up 0.08 yuan / kg yesterday, up 0.13 yuan / kg compared with the same period last week (February 23rd).

Pork prices rose in 20 provinces and 27 provinces and municipalities nationwide, and pork prices fell in 6 provinces. The highest price in the country is Guizhou, up 0.06 yuan/kg from yesterday to 19.88 yuan/kg; the lowest price in the country is Xinjiang, down 0.04 yuan/kg from yesterday to 17.26 yuan/kg. Guangdong rose 0.17 yuan/kg, Zhejiang 0.16 yuan/kg, Fujian 0.16 yuan/kg, Chongqing 0.16 yuan/kg, Yunnan 0.15 yuan/kg, Liaoning 0.12 yuan/kg, Jiangxi 0.11 yuan/kg, a slight increase. Jiangsu fell by 0.12 yuan/kg, Hunan by 0.08 yuan/kg, and Guangxi by 0.05 yuan/kg, a slight decline. Anhui is the same as yesterday.

The price of pork rose. Heilongjiang 8.6-8.7 yuan/jin. Zhejiang rose to 9.7-9.8 yuan/kg, up 0.08 yuan/kg from yesterday. Tianjin is between 8.7 and 9 yuan per kilogram. The mainstream price in Hebei rose to 8.7-9 yuan per kilogram. Henan is between 8.9 and 9.1 yuan per kilogram and Shandong mainstream is between 8.8 and 9 yuan per kilogram. Guangdong 9.1-9.2 yuan per kilogram, Fujian Fuzhou and Zhangzhou 9.2-9.4 yuan per kilogram.

Factories started, schools started school, concentrated consumption of commodities increased, and the supply of live pigs was tight. The development of coastal areas is affected by the rework of migrant workers.

[Summary of recent hot spots] After several days of supply and demand game, slaughter enterprises continue to depress prices. In addition to the swine disease distribution areas, there has been an increase in the number of farmers, and there is no panic selling mood left. The tendency to maintain rational listing is obvious. Over the past few days, under the trend of low consumption and weak demand, the price of pork has decreased slightly, and the adjustment range of these two days is still expanding. At present, slaughtering is not big, enterprises are buying at a price, and pork prices are dropping. But looking back at the price of pork is still at a high level. It can be seen that the tight supply of live pigs in the market has strong support for the price of pigs, and the downtrend is just a lot of shouting, but the actual decline is not large. Moreover, the market as a whole can be slaughtered and the pigs will be tight, and the price of pigs will be supported. The adjustment of pig prices will not be too great. With the gradual stabilization of demand and the temporary change of feed market, the profitability of farmers remains unchanged. At present, pork prices are mainly based on high volatility, and the market is mainly small. It is suggested that farmers not sell, not press the bar, choose the high price period to come out.

The price of pork in northern China has stabilized as a whole, partly rising and falling, and the pig price in the southern region has increased slightly. The adjustment of provinces is 0.05-0.1 yuan / Jin, which is not very obvious. **At present, slaughter enterprises and pig farms are on the verge of deep game. In the coming days, slaughter enterprises'price reduction and pig farm bid will become more obvious, and the market will continue to change. Farmers need to pay more attention to the market changes. In the short term, the price of pork will be stable or moderate, and the downstream demand will be limited. Reminds the general farmer to continue to do a good job in feeding management and pay close attention to the local pig purchase price, timely adjust the stock structure, and arrange the listing plan rationally.*

Compared with the same period of history, the current price of pork is at a relatively high level. Pork prices are in a relative decline in March each year. However, judging from the low level of current slaughter and production capacity, it is estimated that there will be limited space for pork prices to fall in March. Last week, when the price of pork in Central China was lagging behind, it was in the supply gap at the beginning of the month. It is expected that opportunities will rise this week. After a steady period of consumption, the rise of pig prices should be regarded as an opportunity. From the current level of livestock farms and the super positive hurdling of farmers, the price of pork will drop slightly. It is expected that the price of pork will rise slightly in this week. The impact of imported pigs may be stable in some areas. The import of pigs will stimulate the pig production and decline in the whole country, and the difference between the north and the South will be narrowed. It is suggested that the vast number of breeding peers do a good job in feeding management, seize the opportunity to make profits, timely and affordable listing. (Source: China Feed Industry Information Network)