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Today, the pig prices in the whole country tend to be in the south. The pig price in the southwestern region remains the highest price.

2019/02/27 18:29
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Domestic pig prices are rising steadily. Northeast pig market consolidation, Liaoning, Heilongjiang part of the slaughtering factory settlement price fell 0.1 yuan / kg, Jilin part of the factory settlement price adjustment 0.1 yuan / kg, pork prices to stabilize the main, little change, Liaoning Hao Liang pig price reference 17.6 yuan / kg. The North China pig market is mainly based on stability. The price of Beijing local breed pig is 18.4 yuan / kg. There is no change in Hebei pig market, and the price is three yuan per kilogram of 18.0-18.2 yuan per kilogram.

Northeast China: the price of pork has begun to appear in Northeast China, and the price of slaughtering enterprises has been cut down, the range is 0.1 yuan / kilogram. The settlement price of slaughtering enterprises in Heilongjiang is stable and slight, and the reference price of the purchase is basically stable. The price of the good breed pig is maintained at 8.4-8.8 yuan / Jin, and the price reference price of some good breed pigs is maintained at 8.2-8.3 yuan / Jin. The price of some large enterprises pig breeding hog shows a weak steady situation, basically 8.8 yuan / Jin, and the pig price in Jilin area appears. Adjustment situation, part of the slaughtering enterprise settlement price fell 0.1 yuan / kg, local breed better mixed pig price maintained at 8.7-8.9 yuan / Jin, slaughtering enterprises Hao Liang pig purchase reference price in 8.7-8.8 yuan / kg, part of low price pig farm fallow price also increased phenomenon, the amplitude of 0.2 yuan / kg; Liaoning area pig price differential operation, local slaughtering enterprise settlement price down 0.1 yuan / Kilograms, the price of some pig farms has increased by 0.2 yuan / kg, and the price of good and mixed breed of local breed is maintained at 8.7-9.0 yuan / Jin.

North China market: pig prices in the North China market are rising today. The price slaughter of northeast slaughtering enterprises only affects individual Beijing enterprises of slaughtering enterprises today. The settlement price of northeast Beijing improved pig species remained stable, basically maintained at 17.9-18.1 yuan / kg, and the reference price for Hebei improved varieties was maintained at 8.9-9.0 yuan / kg. The price of local pig farms showed a steady trend. Today's standard weight pig slaughter price is 9.0-9.2 yuan / Jin. Today, the price of pork in Tianjin is stable and strong. The slaughtering enterprises are basically stable today, but the reference price is slightly darker. The reference price of some large pig farms is 9.2 yuan / Jin, and the low volume trading begins. Transferred to 9 yuan / Jin, the local mainstream price today is 9.0-9.2 yuan / Jin; the stability of the Hebei market is obvious today, the slaughtering enterprise settlement price of the pig is basically stable, the mainstream purchasing price of the slaughtered enterprise improved breed pig is 8.8-8.9 yuan / Jin, the price of some pig farms has increased by 0.1 yuan / kg, the local mainstream price has been raised to 8.8-9.25 yuan / Jin, the pig price of the pig farm is not up enough; the Shanxi market is weak. Slaughtering enterprises showed a substantial increase in the phenomenon of inflation. Today, some slaughtering enterprises purchase reference price up to 0.2 yuan / kg, and settlement price increased by 0.4 yuan / kg, today basically maintained at 8.8-9.0 yuan / kg, some of the Beijing Tianjin pig farm fattening price basically maintained at 9.0-9.1 yuan / kg, pig prices of large pig farms basically remained stable.

East China market: pig prices in the East China market are on the rise, and pork prices continue to increase in Anhui, Fujian, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and Shandong. Today, the price of pork in Anhui is mainly stable and medium. The local mainstream price is 9.0-9.6 yuan / Jin, slaughtering enterprise settlement prices remain stable, the price of some pig farms has been raised by 0.2 yuan / kg, the price of pig slaughtering in some pig farms in Anhui has reached 9.6 yuan / Jin, the price of pork in Shandong area has been steadily rising, and the slaughtering enterprises continue to show an upward trend, such as Weifang, Qingdao, Yantai, etc., and so on. The price of pig slaughtered in the pig farms has reached 9.6 yuan / kg. The reference price of large scale slaughtering enterprises has been increased by 0.2 yuan / kg. Most of the slaughtered enterprises have bought the standard weight and good quality pigs. The purchase price has basically been 9.0-9.1 yuan / Jin, and the price of 9.3-9.4 yuan / Jin in Yantai area of Qingdao is higher than that in the Shandong area. The price increase in today's pig farms is 0.1-0.4 yuan / kg. The mainstream price in today's Jiangsu area is 8.9-9.3 yuan / Jin; the slaughterhouse in Jiangsu area is now. Japanese settlement prices remained stable, some pig farms slaughtered prices increased by 0.2 yuan / kg, the main local price in the 9.1-9.4 yuan / kg; Zhejiang area pig prices showed an upward trend, the mainstream price of 120 kilograms of live pigs at 9.7-10.0 yuan / Jin, mainly in some relatively low price area pig price slightly raised, in some areas 140KG pig prices remain at 10.2-10.4 yuan / Jin, big weight pig prices still have bright. The * * * price advantage is obvious. Fujian pork price is rising steadily today. The price of some pig farms is up by 0.2-0.4 yuan / kg. The local price of Shanghai sales area is affected by the price rise of the surrounding area. The price of the local pig farms is basically showing an upward trend, and the local mainstream price is 9.5-9.65 yuan / Jin.

Central China market: * * the pork price in Central China has increased slightly, which has basically been on the rise, mainly under the influence of the increase of pig prices in Southern China. Henan * * * * * part of slaughtering enterprises settlement price increased by 0.15 yuan / kg, butcher enterprises today mainstream purchasing price in 9.0-9.2 yuan / Jin, while the mainstream pig farm price in 9.1-9.2 yuan / Jin, 120kg live pig price basically in 9.3 yuan / Jin, many pig farms have no pig sale; Hubei slaughtering enterprise settlement price increase of 0.1 yuan / kg, standard pig price basically 9.0-9.3 yuan / Jin, general weight pig. * * * * * obvious price advantage; Jiangxi market pork prices mainstream trend of increase, part pig farms pig prices increased by 0.1 yuan / kg, the mainstream local transaction price in 9.05-9.3 yuan / kg, generally heavy pig trading market has 9.7 yuan / kg, general heavy pig prices have obvious price advantage; Hunan area pig price has been up trend, pig farms in some pig farms raise price 0.1-0.4