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Last week Jilin pig grain price rose to yellow area.

2019/02/27 18:33
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Reporters recently learned from the Jilin provincial price monitoring center, in March 23rd, the average purchase price of live pigs in the province was 9.01 yuan /500 grams, and the average retail price of pigs was 14.31 yuan /500 grams, compared with the previous period (March 16th), prices rose by 3.08% and 0.06% respectively. The average selling price of piglets is 27.63 yuan/500g, and that of sows is 20.00 yuan/500g, which are stable. Compared with the same period last year, prices of live pigs, piglets, sows and pigs increased by 58.62%, 104.66%, 25% and 33.86% respectively.

According to the data of Changchun national grain trading center, in March 23rd, the wholesale price of corn in our province was 0.96 yuan /500 grams, and the pig grain price ratio was 9.39:1, which was in the yellow area with moderate price rising. Since the end of last year, China's pig prices have entered a new round of rising channels. Recently, the price of pork in various areas is not bad in the off-season, and is rising in the opposite direction, and it will push the historical high point of 19.6 yuan per kilogram in 2011. This is mainly due to the continued downturn in the pig breeding industry in the previous two years, coupled with the continuous improvement of environmental thresholds in all parts of the country, the designation of "prohibited breeding areas" and "restricted farming areas". Many farmers, especially the scattered households, have withdrawn from the market under the dual pressure of market and environmental protection, resulting in a decline in the number of sows and pig farms this year. (Source: Jilin Daily)