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Several indicators of pig market enter red early warning zone*

2019/02/27 18:34
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According to the monitoring and early warning system of live pigs of the Provincial Agricultural Department, the price of piglets in 68 monitoring counties of our province continued to rise in the fourth week of March, and continued to lead the price rise of fattening pigs, sows and pork. The average price of fattening pigs in this week was 19.79 yuan/kg, up 0.39 yuan/kg; the average price of piglets was 31.55 yuan/kg, up 1.21 yuan/kg; the average price of reserve sows was 1 416 yuan/head, up 26 yuan/head; the average retail price of pork was 29.94 yuan/kg, up 0.34 yuan/kg; the average price of corn was 2.2 yuan/kg; the average price of fattening pigs'ingredients was 3.29 yuan/kg, down 0.01 yuan/kg; and the average price of wheat bran was 1.76 yuan/kg, down 0.02 yuan./ Kg. Pig grain ratio rose 0.22 points to 9 to 1, creating a new high monitoring history. Pig feed ratio rose 0.14 points to 6.02 to 1, only 3.84% from the highest point in 2011.

In this week's monitoring point, the lowest cost of two mixed fattening pigs was 16.56 yuan/kg (Tongjiang County), with an average of 19.37 yuan/kg; the highest cost of three yuan or more of pure foreign fattening pigs was 22.00 yuan/kg (Wusheng County), with an average of 20.27 yuan/kg. The price difference between pork and pork sold to the market is 10.15 yuan / kg, a decrease of 0.49% compared to the same period, and an increase of 10.21% over the same period last year.
At present, the average profit of a fattening pig is close to 800 yuan. Although the profit and loss trend to double days compared with the same period last year, the current pig ration ratio and pig feed ratio have already entered the red area of our province's monitoring and early warning and the yellow warning area uniformly formulated by the state.
"This week, the average price of live pigs continued to break through, and the price of pigs increased to more than 20 yuan / kg, and the average price of live pigs rose to 19.22 yuan / kg. The average price of lean meat type hog rose to 19.79 yuan / kg. Although the consumption of pork is still in the doldrums after the Spring Festival, the tension of the whole hog pig source has continued, and the prices of pig farmers have been increasing." Experts from the Provincial Department of agriculture analyzed that sow prices continued to climb in recent days, indicating that the sows had been restored, but the recovery of the sow took some time.
Qian Liang, director of the information center of the Provincial Department of agriculture, reminds us that at present, many indicators such as fattening pigs, piglets and pig grain ratio have entered the red warning area. The farms should analyze the pig prices in the future market and make up the right hurdle, so that they can not blindly catch up with the prices of piglets. At the same time, we should do a good job in raising and managing piglets in spring, especially piglets, and strengthen the prevention and control of epidemic diseases. Fan Bangping, a reporter of our newspaper
Source: Author of Sichuan Rural Daily (Chengdu): Fan Bangping