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More African swine plague

2019/03/01 16:47
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1, Russia has 1 wild boars and 2 pig hog pestilence. In January 16th, the Russian Ministry of Agriculture announced that 1 wild boars and 2 pigs were found in the borderland, Volgograd and Krasnodar borderlands. 1 wild boar infections were destroyed and 76 pigs were infected.

  2, there are 2 pigs and 5 wild boars in Ukraine Donetsk state, Luhansk state and rove state. In January 15th and 16th, the Ministry of food safety and consumer protection of Ukraine announced that 2 pigs and 5 wild boars were infected with African swine plague in Donetsk state, Luhansk state and rove state. 2 pigs died of infection, 1 were destroyed, 9 wild boars were infected, 4 died and 4 were destroyed.

  3. There are 2 pigs in Romania.

  In January 12th and 15th, the national veterinary health and food safety administration of Romania announced that there were 2 pig plague cases in sate Ma Lei County, 25 pigs were infected and 14 were destroyed.

  4. There are 27 wild boars in Latvia.

  In January 12th, the Veterinary Services Bureau of the Ministry of agriculture of Latvia announced that there were 27 wild boars, 15 wild boars, 27 wild boars, 43 wild boars infected, 24 dead and 19 destroyed.

  5. There are 1 wild boars in Czech.

  In January 12th, the Czech national veterinary administration announced that 1 wild boars were found in Linzhou, and 1 wild boars died of infection.

  6, there are 105 wild boars and 1 pig hog plague cases in the valley of Poland, the main provinces of the valley, and the provinces of Lublin. In January 12th and 15th, the Ministry of agriculture and rural development of Poland announced that 105 wild boars and 1 pig hog pestilence cases were found in the valley of the two provinces, including the valley of the valley, the valley of the country, and the 1 pigs. 166 wild boars died of infection, 6 pigs were infected, 1 died and 24 were destroyed.

  7. There are 1 swine plague cases in pigs in Ivory Coast.

  In January 15th, the Department of animal and plant resources of Ivory Coast reported that 1 pig hog plague cases occurred in the city of FAK, and 2309 pigs were infected, 1920 died and 389 were destroyed.