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International dynamics of swine fever in Africa

2019/03/01 16:50
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1. Russia has 1 wild boars and 1 hog pestilence.

In January 23rd, the Russian Ministry of Agriculture announced that there were 1 wild boars and 1 pig hog plague cases in borderland and Krasnodar borderlands. 1 wild boars were infected and 6 pigs were infected.

2. 3 cases of boar swine plague occurred in Donetsk state, Poltava and outer Ukraine in January 18th. The national food safety and Consumer Protection Department of Ukraine announced that 3 wild boars were found in Poltava and Poltava, and 5 wild boars died.

3. there are 18 wild boars in Latvia.

On January 18th and 19, the Veterinary Services Bureau of the Ministry of agriculture of Latvia announced that 18 wild boars, 12 wild boars, 18 wild boars, 25 wild boars, 9 dead and 16 were destroyed. Since January 12, 2018, 45 wild boars, 12 wild boars, 45 wild boars, 68 wild boars, 33 dead and 35 have been destroyed.

4. 23 cases of plague of wild boar in Poland occurred in January 18th, and 23 days in January 18th. 23 cases of wild boar swine plague occurred in the village of Ma Tuo Fu, and 38 wild boars died of infection.

5. there are 7 wild boars in Czech.

In January 19th, the Czech national veterinary administration announced that 7 wild boars were found in Linzhou, and 7 wild boars died of infection.

6. there were 3 pig plague cases in Zambia.

In January 21st, the Veterinary Services Department of the Ministry of agriculture, animal husbandry and Fisheries of Zambia announced that there were 3 swine plague cases in the northern provinces and the province of Lapp, 1427 of which were infected and 1314 died.