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I love the pigs deeply! Data show that EU countries are large pig farmers

2019/03/01 16:53
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The European Union Statistics Bureau released data on the 1st, showing that the total number of pigs in the EU countries is about 150 million.

According to the official website of the Eurostat, domestic pigs are the most stocked animals in the EU, and the total number of cattle in the second place is 89 million. Nearly 40% of domestic pigs are produced in Spain and Germany, with 30.1 million heads and 27.6 million heads respectively. Other large pig farmers include France, Denmark, the Netherlands and Poland.

Compared with the population of the countries in 2016, Denmark is the only country in the EU with a population-to-home farming ratio of less than 1, with a ratio of approximately 1:2.15. The EU countries with relatively low proportions, including the Netherlands, Spain and Belgium, are 1:0.7, 1:0.63 and 1:0.54 respectively.

Countries with a high proportion of population and domestic pig farming, including Greece and the United Kingdom, are 1:0.07. This ratio is 1:0.09 in Bulgaria and Malta. (Source: Xinhuanet)