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The story starts from: the indissoluble bound of a scientific researcher with feed flavor


In the 1980 s, Chinese feed industry started to boom.


A new feed additive——feed flavor appeared at the beginning; Only few feed mills bought imported feed flavor with high price to double their feed quality.


This phenomenon attracted the attention of an ordinary and wise feed researcher...


From then on, it was destined to be connected with feed flavor. In April, 1989, the domestic first review article on feed flavor, titled “the various application of feed flavor”, was published in Journal of” SiChuanGrain and Oil Science and Technology”, Author: YuLin.


In January 1991, the domestic first research titled “the pilot plant of feed flavor and animal applied experimental research”, was conducted in Sichuan Meishan. The director of the project: YuLin.


In January 1992, “Commercial Science and Technology”, the domestic first research paper on feed flavor, titled "the influence of feed flavor on production performance and preference of piglets", was published. Author: YuLin


An ordinary researcher,


The pioneering research and creativity of domestic feed flavor 


Persistent ideal and tenaciously pursuit


22 years of continuous hard work and courageous moving on 


Effort in the direction of the national technology expert