Add: No.123,North Rongtai Avenue, Wenjiang Cross-strait Technology Industry Development Park, Chengdu, China.
TEL:(028)82633801/ 82633802


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First stage:2006-2010

Company vision: being an international competitive enterprise group

Company mission: being an international company with production, research and sale together. Our objective is to provide efficient, healthy and delicious feed products and services for livestock, poultry and aquaculture industry


Second stage:2009-2013

Company vision: Being an international competitive company as a world-class "expert of feed flavor producer"

Company mission: Creating value for the feed industry by providing safety and tasty feed for animal.


Third stage:2014-2016

Company vision: Build DDC as an feed regulatory expert based on biotechnology

Company mission: pay close attention to animal health and welfare, focus on feed safety and taste, create value for feed enterprises.